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33-400P10K10,000ul BioPette Plus Pipetto337.00 €1 Pipettor/UnitDetails
33-400P1K1000ul BioPette Plus Pipettor326.00 €1 Pipettor/UnitDetails
28-119BX100ml Biotix Reagent Reservoir128.00 €100 Reservoirs/UnitDetails
28-120BX100ml Biotix Reagent Reservoir163.00 €100 Reservoirs/UnitDetails
28-119DB100ml Reagent Reservoir, Biode161.00 €10/Bag,100 Reservoirs/UnitDetails
33-400P100100ul BioPette Plus Pipettor326.00 €1 Pipettor/UnitDetails
33-400P1010ul BioPette Plus Pipettor328.00 €1 Pipettor/UnitDetails
10-305130ul Biomek ART Tips206.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
22-549165ul Biomek FX Filter Tips206.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
22-352165ul Biomek FX Filter Tips852.00 €50 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
27-350200ul Biomek FX Filter Tip777.00 €50 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
33-400P200200ul BioPette Plus Pipettor326.00 €1 Pipettor/UnitDetails
10-30220ul Biomek ART Tips237.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
10-30020ul Biomek Clear Tips149.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
10-30120ul Biomek Clear Tips163.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
22-34420ul Biomek FX Clear Tips134.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
22-34720ul Biomek FX Clear Tips152.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
22-34920ul Biomek FX Filter Tips231.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
27-35620ul Biomek FX Filter Tips614.00 €50 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
10-30720ul Biomek FX/Multimek AP96157.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
10-308LR20ul Biomek FX/Multimek AP96262.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
24-50320ul Biomek FX/Multimek96 Tips93.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
33-400P2020ul BioPette Plus Pipettor326.00 €1 Pipettor/UnitDetails
22-345250ul Biomek FX Clear Tips122.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
22-346250ul Biomek FX Clear Tips140.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
22-350250ul Biomek FX Clear Tips221.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
24-504250ul Biomek FX Pipet Tips101.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
24-509250ul Biomek FX Pipet Tips109.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
10-310250ul BiomekFX/Multimek AP96151.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
10-310LR250ul BiomekFX/Multimek AP96174.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
10-309250ul BiomekFX/MultimekAP96142.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
28-121DB25ml Reagent Reservoir, Biodeg146.00 €100 Reservoirs/UnitDetails
28-123DB25ml Reagent Reservoir, Biodeg146.00 €100 Reservoirs/UnitDetails
33-400P22ul BioPette Plus Pipettor336.00 €1 Pipettor/UnitDetails
24-51030ul Beckman Biomek Clear Tips719.00 €10 Racks of 384 Tips/UnitDetails
24-51530ul Beckman Biomek Filter Tip953.00 €10 Racks of 384 Tips/UnitDetails
22-34230ul Biomek FX Filter Tips852.00 €50 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
24-51130ul XL Beckman Biomek Clear T775.00 €10 Racks of 384 Tips/UnitDetails
24-511C30ul XL Beckman Biomek Clear T3676.00 €50 Racks of 384 Tips/UnitDetails
24-51645ul Beckman Biomek XL Filter1009.00 €10 Racks of 384 Tips/UnitDetails
86-17645 racks of 24 tips each Biopur144.00 €120 Tips/UnitDetails
33-400P5K5000ul BioPette Plus Pipettor309.00 €1 Pipettor/UnitDetails
28-125BX50ml Biotix Reagent Reservoir121.00 €100 Reservoirs/UnitDetails
28-127BX50ml Biotix Reagent Reservoir158.00 €100 Reservoirs/UnitDetails
28-125DB50ml Reagent Reservoir, Biodeg161.00 €100 Reservoirs/UnitDetails
24-50550ul Biomek FX Pipet Tips417.00 €50 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
27-35950ul Biomek FX Pipet Tips434.00 €50 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
22-57450ul Biomek FX Tips156.00 €10 Racks of 96 Tips/UnitDetails
86-9015ml Tubes, Biopur121.00 €50 Tubes/UnitDetails
84-708AMDEX STREPTAVIDIN ALKALINE PH1358.00 €1/UnitDetails
87-128Antibiotic Antimycotic Solutio89.00 €100 mL/UnitDetails
80-811Antibiotic Assay Discs328.00 €1000/UnitDetails
80-812Antibiotic Assay Discs385.00 €1000/UnitDetails
80-813Antibiotic Assay Discs409.00 €1000/UnitDetails
89-180Bio-Pure Alcohol Wipes72.00 €40 Wipes/UnitDetails
31-602-230VBioClave Autoclave6037.00 €1 Autoclave/UnitDetails
31-602BioClave Autoclave6080.00 €1 Autoclave/UnitDetails
31-602MBioClave Mini Autoclave4468.00 €1 Autoclave/UnitDetails
88-104Biocooler345.00 €1 Biocooler/UnitDetails
88-105Biocooler, Cryotube345.00 €1 Biocooler/UnitDetails
88-107Biocooler, Custom478.00 €1 Biocooler/UnitDetails
88-106Biocooler, Mini165.00 €1 Biocooler/UnitDetails
11-398ABioFluid & Cell Buffer81.00 €12ml/UnitDetails
11-398BBioFluid & Cell Buffer99.00 €25ml/UnitDetails
11-398CBioFluid & Cell Buffer126.00 €45ml/UnitDetails
30-160Biohazard Autoclave Bags, Clea141.00 €4 Bags of 50, 200/UnitDetails
30-161Biohazard Autoclave Bags, Clea242.00 €4 Bags of 50, 200/UnitDetails
30-162RBiohazard Autoclave Bags, Red78.00 €100 Bags/UnitDetails
30-160RBiohazard Autoclave Bags, Red141.00 €4 Bags of 50, 200/UnitDetails
30-161RBiohazard Autoclave Bags, Red242.00 €4 Bags of 50, 200/UnitDetails
88-201Biohazard Bag91.00 €100 Bags/UnitDetails
88-200Biohazard Bag102.00 €100 Bags/UnitDetails
88-202Biohazard Bag115.00 €100 Bags/UnitDetails
88-204Biohazard Bag240.00 €100 Bags/UnitDetails
88-203Biohazard Bag250.00 €200 Bags/UnitDetails
88-202OBiohazard Bag, Orange144.00 €200 Bags/UnitDetails
88-201OBiohazard Bag, Orange174.00 €100 Bags/UnitDetails
88-203OBiohazard Bag, Orange250.00 €200 Bags/UnitDetails
86-182BioMaster, 1-20µl575.00 €1 Pipettor/UnitDetails
31-301BioMixer 3D Nutating Shaker539.00 €1 Shaker/UnitDetails
33-744XBiopette E Charger Set118.00 €1 Set/UnitDetails
33-745XBiopette E Shelf Hanger68.00 €1 Hanger/UnitDetails
33-743XBioPette E, Extra Battery86.00 €1 Battery/UnitDetails
33-400KBioPette Plus Pipettor 4 Pack1081.00 €4 Pipettors/UnitDetails
33-400ROBioPette Replacemnt O-Ring58.00 €1 O-Ring/UnitDetails
33-400RSBioPette Replacemnt Shaft86.00 €1 Shaft/UnitDetails
86-1846BioSpectrometer - Basic11576.00 €1 Spectrometer/UnitDetails
86-1843KBioSpectrometer Kinetic12082.00 €1 Spectrometer/UnitDetails
90-400BBioT Battery285.00 €1 Battery/UnitDetails
90-400CABioT Car Adaptor142.00 €1 Adaptor/UnitDetails
90-400BioT Carrier1703.00 €1 Carrier/UnitDetails
90-400ABioT Power Adaptor142.00 €1 Adaptor/UnitDetails
90-401GBioT ULT Transporter, green2894.00 €1 Transporter/UnitDetails
90-401OBioT ULT Transporter, orange12396.00 €1 Transporter/UnitDetails
90-401PKBioT ULT Transporter, pink12396.00 €1 Transporter/UnitDetails
90-401PBioT ULT Transporter, purple2894.00 €1 Transporter/UnitDetails
84-675CAMP BIOTRAK EIA W/O ACET REG736.00 €1/UnitDetails
84-676CAMP BIOTRAK EIA, 5 PCK3092.00 €5/UnitDetails
84-677CAMP, BIOTRAK EIA SYSTEM920.00 €1/UnitDetails