IncuSet Protein Chip Incubation Cassette

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Catalog number:430020
Name:IncuSet Protein Chip Incubation Cassette
Size:1 slide
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Product type:cassettes for slide storage
Product details:The product IncuSet Protein Chip Incubation Cassetteit is used for incubation processes for protein chips. The unit can accommodate standard microscope slides (25mm x 75mm).The design of the cassettes ensures uniform reaction temperatures among multiple slides. Wells in the base hold 200 uL of water to maintain optimal internal humidity during incubation at elevated temperature.
Properties:Precipitation of Chromatins is a pull down technique of native DNA sequences by specific binding proteins on which on the other side of the protein the antibody can bind. Lots of antibodies are not suited for Chip analysis pulldown because they bind on the binding site of the DNA. The kapitalbio antibody is proven to not bind on the DNA binding site and is suitable for ChiP precipitation supplied in 1 vials.

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