Antibiotic-Antimycotic Sterile-filtered solution (100X) against bacteria, fungi, and yeasts

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Catalog number:ABL02-6X100ML
Name:Antibiotic-Antimycotic Sterile-filtered solution (100X) against bacteria, fungi, and yeasts
Size:6 x 100 mL
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Long description:Antibiotic-Antimycotic Sterile-filtered solution (100X) contains 10,000 units of penicillin, 10,000µg streptomycin, and 25µg amphotericin B in a 0.85% saline solution. Effective against bacteria, fungi, and yeasts. Sterile-filtered solution.
Product format:Liquid
Product category:Antimicrobials
Product subcategory:Broad Range
Shipping method:Frozen, Dry Ice
Storage method:Store at 2˚ to 8˚C.
Properties:Bacteria are often produce in agar broths and other bacterial media by caissonlab.
Description:The volume (ml) in milliliters of buffered % w/v solutions at the medium pH are also used for DNA extraction Organic (Phenol-Chloroform) Extraction, Non-Organic (Proteinase K and Salting out), Chelex (Ion Exchange Resin) Extraction, EDTA or PBS aqueous.This 1 has passed a sterilization (or sterilization) by filtration or inactivation that has eliminated (removed) or killed (deactivated) all forms of DNA, RNA and enzymes. Also life and other biological agents (such as viruses which some do not consider to be alive but are biological pathogens nonetheless), excluding prions which cannot be killed, including transmissible agents (such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, prions, spore forms, unicellular eukaryotic organisms such as Plasmodium, etc.) present in a specified reagent or on a surface, a volume of fluid, or in a compound such as biological culture medias filtered. Sterilization was achieved with one or more of the following heat, chemicals, irradiation, high pressure, and filtration. Sterilization is distinct from disinfection, sanitization, and pasteurization in that sterilization kills, deactivates, or eliminates all forms of life and other biological agents.

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