bis-TRIS Molecular Biology Grade [CAS# 6976-37-0]

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Catalog number:B007-100GM
Name:bis-TRIS Molecular Biology Grade [CAS# 6976-37-0]
Size:100 g
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Availability:Please contact us to check current availability
Long description:bis-TRIS Molecular Biology Grade [CAS# 6976-37-0]; MW 209.2
Product format:Powder
Product category:Biochemicals
Product subcategory:Buffers and Supplements
Shipping method:Ambient temperature
Storage method:Store at 2˚ to 8˚C.
Description:The CAS or CASRN registry number for chemical substances and identifying chemicals by the Chemical Abstract Service is a worldwide used identification of chemicals. This chemical can be supplied in purities of 98% or 95% purity by caissonlab. Bulk in kg or liter volumes on request.

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