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04biotechm1 blood analyzung instrument1400.00 €5 Biochemistry Analyser –Details
9001to/à9116Antibiotic discs Antibiotic resistance20.00 €ELISA kitDetails
04analyzerBiochemistry Analyser – TOUCH854.00 €1 blood analyzing instrumentDetails
cy008CYANExpert 130 Random Access Biochemistry Automate 130 t/h31008.00 €bottleDetails
cy008-bcCYANExpert 130 with BarCode Reader Random Access Biochemistry Automate 130 t/h + BarCode Reader32731.00 €bottleDetails
cy005CYANPro Biochemistry Automate14557.00 €boxDetails
cy004CYANStart Biochemistry Semi-Automate2239.00 €boxDetails
gen2252219Micro Easy Biochemistry Analyser618.00 €instrumentDetails
gen2252218Micro Smart Biochemistry Analyzer1676.00 €instrumentDetails
gen2252214Micro Touch Biochemistry Analyser988.00 €instrumentDetails