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K007-2X1KTAmino acid-kit for biochemistry157.00 €2X1KTDetails
K007-5KTAmino acid-kit for biochemistry1365.00 €5KTDetails
GM004-4X500GAntibiotic Medium No.11 (Neomycin, Erythromycin Assay Agar), Granulated179.00 €4X500GDetails
FD179-5X5VLAntibiotic Mixture for Borrelia (100X)146.00 €5X5VLDetails
PW096-50X3NOAntibiotic Zonescale189.00 €50X3NODetails
PW297-50X3NOAntibiotic Zonescale-C162.00 €50X3NODetails
CR021-3X500gBio Peptone, Certified154.00 €3X500gDetails
CMS095-20X1GD-Biotin158.00 €20 x 1 gDetails
CMS095-5X10GD-Biotin307.00 €5 x 10 gDetails
CMS095-5X25GD-Biotin574.00 €5 x 25 gDetails
FD159-5x5VLDoyle's Antibiotic Supplement, Modified126.00 €5X5VLDetails
FD159-5(5X5VL)Doyle's Antibiotic Supplement, Modified316.00 €5(5X5VL)Details
FD079-10X5VLFGTC Antibiotic Supplement191.00 €10X5VLDetails
FD021-5X5VLGC Supplement w/ Antibiotics151.00 €5X5VLDetails
FD021-5(5X5VL)GC Supplement w/ Antibiotics322.00 €5(5X5VL)Details
KB002-5x5KTHiAssorted Biochemical Test Kit176.00 €5 x 5 KTDetails
KB002-5x10KTHiAssorted Biochemical Test Kit271.00 €5 x 10 KTDetails
KB002-5x20KTHiAssorted Biochemical Test Kit370.00 €5 x 20 KTDetails
LA686-1NOHiBio ID Reader Instrument with laptop0.00 €1NODetails
LA734-2X1KTHiCombat Microbiology Spillage Kit153.00 €2X1KTDetails
DT014-20X10DSHiDtect Biochemical Esculin Identificatification Disc190.00 €20 x 10 DisksDetails
DT014-20X25DSHiDtect Biochemical Esculin Identificatification Disc304.00 €20 x 25 DisksDetails
DT014-20X50DSHiDtect Biochemical Esculin Identificatification Disc490.00 €20 x 50 DisksDetails
KB001-5x5KTHiIMViC Biochemical Test Kit165.00 €5 x 5 KTDetails
KB001-5x10KTHiIMViC Biochemical Test Kit253.00 €5 x 10 KTDetails
KB001-5x20KTHiIMViC Biochemical Test Kit344.00 €5 x 20 KTDetails
KBM001-3x10KTHiMotility Biochemical Kit for E.coli166.00 €3 x 10 KTDetails
KBM001-3x20KTHiMotility Biochemical Kit for E.coli221.00 €3 x 20 KTDetails
KBM003A-5x5KTHiMotility Biochemical Kit for Listeria164.00 €5 x 5 KTDetails
KBM003A-5x10KTHiMotility Biochemical Kit for Listeria251.00 €5 x 10 KTDetails
KBM003A-5x20KTHiMotility Biochemical Kit for Listeria342.00 €5 x 20 KTDetails
KBM002-5x5KTHiMotility Biochemical Kit for Salmonella164.00 €5 x 5 KTDetails
KBM002-5x10KTHiMotility Biochemical Kit for Salmonella251.00 €5 x 10 KTDetails
KBM002-5x20KTHiMotility Biochemical Kit for Salmonella342.00 €5 x 20 KTDetails
HS001-20X500MLHiSpark Alkaline Cleaning Solution, Biodegradable126.00 €20 X 500 mLDetails
HS001-5X5LHiSpark Alkaline Cleaning Solution, Biodegradable213.00 €5 X 5LDetails
HS002-2X5LHiSpark Cleaning Solution, Neutral, Biodegradable159.00 €2 X 5LDetails
HS002-20X500MLHiSpark Cleaning Solution, Neutral, Biodegradable163.00 €20 X 500 mLDetails
FD203-5X5VLMKTT Novobiocin Supplement183.00 €5X5VLDetails
GM1496I-4X500GMueller Kauffman Tetrathionate Novobiocin Broth Base179.00 €4X500GDetails
FD101-5X5VLNovobiocin Selective Supplement154.00 €5X5VLDetails
FD290-5X5VLNovobiocin Selective Supplement243.00 €5X5VLDetails
CMS643-5X1GNovobiocin Sodium Salt185.00 €5 x 1 gDetails
FD096-5X5VLNovobiocin Supplement144.00 €5X5VLDetails
FD096-5(5X5VL)Novobiocin Supplement303.00 €5(5X5VL)Details
CMS1295-2X10MGStreptavidin, Hi-LR254.00 €2 x 10 mgDetails