HiSpark Cleaning Solution, Neutral, Biodegradable

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Catalog number:HS002-20X500ML
Name:HiSpark Cleaning Solution, Neutral, Biodegradable
Size:20 X 500 mL
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Extra details

Description:HiSpark Cleaning Solution, Neutral, Biod (20X500mL) by HiMedia Laboratories is Disinfectant used to rapidly inactivate microorganisms on inanimate surfaces.
Solubility:33.3 mg soluble in 1 mL of water
Appearance:Colourless to pale yellow, clear to slightly turbid liquid.
Storage Temperature:Store below 30°C
Storage Conditions:Store in cool place. Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Containers which are opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage.
Shelf Life:4 Years
Ordering:To order HiSpark Cleaning Solution, Neutral, Biodegradable, please use the Cat. Nr.HS002-20X500ML and submit your purchase order by email or by fax. A discount is available for larger or bulk quantities, please contact us for more information
Additional description:The volume (ml) in milliliters of buffered % w/v solutions at the medium pH are also used for DNA extraction Organic (Phenol-Chloroform) Extraction, Non-Organic (Proteinase K and Salting out), Chelex (Ion Exchange Resin) Extraction, EDTA or PBS aqueous.

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