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101Bio-W108-1001 Kb DNA Ladder 2,0 [0,5 Kb ~ 10 Kb . With Loading Dye]152.00 €100 ReactionsDetails
101Bio-W108-5001 Kb DNA Ladder 2,0 [0,5 Kb ~ 10 Kb .With Loading Dye]544.00 €500 ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P713-2010-Min. Single Cell Isolation Kit407.00 €20ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P515-5010-Min. Thick Cell Wall Microbes Total Protein Extraction Kit513.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-W0636-100100 Bp DNA Ladder [100 Bp ~ 1,500 Bp, With Loading Dye ]280.00 €100 rxnDetails
101Bio-P5W2101 Bio Antibody Enhancer152.00 €30 mLDetails
101Bio-P5W1101 Bio Hrp Substrate Kit152.00 €30 mL/ 30 mLDetails
101Bio-P5W3101 Bio Wb Stripping Solution152.00 €250 mLDetails
101Bio-P5W6101bio High Efficiency Protein Precipitation Kit183.00 €30 mL / 30 mLDetails
101Bio-P5W5101bio Peroxidase Suppressor172.00 €2 x 30 mLDetails
101Bio-P5W4101bio Ponceau S Stain275.00 €5 x 250 mLDetails
101Bio-P5W7101bio Red Blood Cell Lysis Buffer152.00 €250 mLDetails
101Bio-W2599-51_Drop PCR Mix [Squeeze Bottle. No Pipet]142.00 €5 mL, 200+ PCR reactionsDetails
101Bio-W2599S1_Drop PCR Mix [Squeeze Bottle. No Pipet]148.00 €5 x 0.5 mL, 20+ PCR reactionsDetails
101Bio-P902S293t Transfection Kit [0.2 Ml]162.00 €1 KITDetails
101Bio-P903S293t Transfection Kit [0.2 Ml]162.00 €1 KITDetails
101Bio-P902293t Transfection Kit [1 Ml]513.00 €1 KITDetails
101Bio-P903293t Transfection Kit [1 Ml]513.00 €1 KITDetails
101Bio-W0655-12x Goldstar Best Master Mix [With Dyes]186.00 €2 x 1 mLDetails
101Bio-W0655-52x Goldstar Best Master Mix [With Dyes]311.00 €5 mLDetails
101Bio-W0690-12xes Taq Master Mix [With Dyes]192.00 €2 x 1 mLDetails
101Bio-W0690-52xes Taq Master Mix [With Dyes]311.00 €5 mLDetails
101Bio-P512L3-Min Bacterial Total Protein Extraction Kit513.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P506S3-Min Detergent -Free Total Protein Extraction Kit [Animal Cells]173.00 €5ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P505S3-Min Detergent -Free Total Protein Extraction Kit [Animal Cells]183.00 €5ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P5053-Min Detergent -Free Total Protein Extraction Kit [Animal Cells]259.00 €20ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P5063-Min Detergent -Free Total Protein Extraction Kit [Animal Cells]280.00 €20ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P505L3-Min Detergent -Free Total Protein Extraction Kit [Animal Cells]407.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P506L3-Min Detergent -Free Total Protein Extraction Kit [Animal Cells]513.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P501S3-Min Total Protein Extraction Kit [Animal Cells ]142.00 €5ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P5013-Min Total Protein Extraction Kit [Animal Cells]219.00 €20ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P502L3-Min Total Protein Extraction Kit [Animal Tissues ]376.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P502S3-Min Total Protein Extraction Kit [Animal Tissues]142.00 €5ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P5023-Min Total Protein Extraction Kit [Animal Tissues]219.00 €20ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P501L3-Min Totla Protein Extraction Kit [Animal Cells]376.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P720H-23d Cell Culture Gel, Hard [Col-Tgel]152.00 €2 mlDetails
101Bio-P720H-103d Cell Culture Gel, Hard, Hard [Col-Tge]321.00 €10 mlDetails
101Bio-P720M-23d Cell Culture Gel, Medium [Col-Tgel]152.00 €2 mLDetails
101Bio-P720M-103d Cell Culture Gel, Medium [Col-Tgel]321.00 €10 mlDetails
101Bio-P720SMH-63d Cell Culture Gel,Incl . P720s-2, P720m-2, P720h-2377.00 €6 mLDetails
101Bio-P720S-23d Cell Culture Gel,Soft [Col-Tgel]152.00 €2 mLDetails
101Bio-P720S-103d Cell Culture Gel,Soft [Col-Tgel]321.00 €10 mLDetails
101Bio-P930-55-Min. Genomic DNA Prep For Pcr152.00 €5ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P930-1005-Min. Genomic DNA Prep For Pcr259.00 €100ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P930-5005-Min. Genomic DNA Prep For Pcr945.00 €500ReactionsDetails
101Bio-W109-10050/100 Bp DNA Ladder [50 Bp ~ 1.500 Bp.With Loading Dye]280.00 €100 ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P510L8- Min Plant Tissue Detergent- Free Total Protein Extraction Kit513.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P511L8-Min Intact Plant Chloroplast Isolation Kit513.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P508L8-Min Plant Tissues Protein Extraction Kit513.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P523-2Adipose Protein Fractionation Kit [Water -Soluble/Insoluble]173.00 €02ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P523-20Adipose Protein Fractionation Kit [Water -Soluble/Insoluble]555.00 €20ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P523-80Adipose Protein Fractionation Kit [Water -Soluble/Insoluble]1868.00 €80ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P141-BLBladder Cancer Exosome2547.00 €10ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P241-BLBladder Cancer Exosome RNA2800.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P141-BRBreast Cancer Exosome2547.00 €10ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P241-BRBreast Cancer Exosome RNA2800.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P141-COColorectal Cancer Exosome2547.00 €10ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P241-COColorectal Cancer Exosome RNA2800.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P241-CRCroh's Disease Exosome RNA2800.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P141-CRCrohn's Disease Exosome2547.00 €10ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P504Cytoplasmic & Nuclear Protein Extraction Kit [ Cells &Tissues]235.00 €20ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P504SCytoplasmic & Nuclear Protein Extraction Kit [Mammalian Cells &Tissues]163.00 €4ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P504LCytoplasmic & Nuclear Protein Extraction Kit [Mammalian Cells &Tissues]483.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P524-2Detergent -Free Nuclei Isolation Kit204.00 €02ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P524-20Detergent -Free Nuclei Isolation Kit513.00 €20ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P524-80Detergent -Free Nuclei Isolation Kit1636.00 €80ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P201Detergent-Free Exosomal Protein Extraction Kit "New"524.00 €10ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P141-DB1Diabetes (Type 01] Exosome2547.00 €10ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P241-DB1DIABETES (Type 01] EXOSOME RNA2800.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P141-DB2Diabetes (Type 02] Exosome2547.00 €10ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P241-DB2DIABETES (Type 02] EXOSOME RNA2800.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P528Endosome Isolation Kit "New"640.00 €20ReactionsDetails
101Bio-W2104-10Endotoxin _ Free Plasmid Maxiprep Kit312.00 €10 ReactionsDetails
101Bio-W2581-10Endotoxin_Free Plasmid Midiprep Kit152.00 €10 rxnDetails
101Bio-W2106-50Endotoxin_Free Plasmid Miniprep Kit152.00 €50 ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P402Exofectin Plasmid DNA-Into-Exosome Kit "New" (DNA Transfection Kit For Exosome)407.00 €20ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P230-25Exosomal DNA Extraction Kit "New"330.00 €25ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P230-50Exosomal DNA Extraction Kit "New"671.00 €50ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P200P, part of P200Exosomal Protein Lysis Buffer "New"320.00 €2 mLDetails
101Bio-P200Exosomal RNA And Protein Extraction Kit418.00 €20 ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P200R, part of P200Exosomal RNA Extraction Kit "New"407.00 €20ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P130Exosome -Tem- Easy Kit463.00 €10 ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P130-CExosome -Tem- Easy Kit493.00 €10 ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P121SExosome Isolation Kit [Human Body Fluid]173.00 €2 ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P121Exosome Isolation Kit [Human Body Fluid]448.00 €10 ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P121LExosome Isolation Kit [Human Body Fluid]1636.00 €40 ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P120SExosome Isolation Kit [Urine]162.00 €2 ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P120Exosome Isolation Kit [Urine]437.00 €10 ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P120LExosome Isolation Kit [Urine]1574.00 €40 ReactionsDetails
101Bio-P766-50Fbs Alternative [Xeno-Free]173.00 €50 mLDetails
101Bio-P766-500Fbs Alternative [Xeno-Free]1249.00 €500 mLDetails
101Bio-P760-10Fetal Bovine Serum (Fbs], Premium, 100% Us Orgin4270.00 €500 mL cDetails
101Bio-P760SFetal Bovine Serum [Fbs], Premium, 100% Us Orgin204.00 €100 mLDetails
101Bio-P760-1Fetal Bovine Serum [Fbs], Premium, 100% Us Orgin544.00 €500 mLDetails
101Bio-P761SFetal Bovine Serum [Fbs], Premium, 100% Us Orgin , Esc Tested204.00 €100 mLDetails
101Bio-P761-1Fetal Bovine Serum [Fbs], Premium, 100% Us Orgin , Esc Tested823.00 €500 mLDetails
101Bio-P761-10Fetal Bovine Serum [Fbs], Premium, 100% Us Orgin , Esc Tested6296.00 €500 mL x 10Details
101Bio-P601-10GFP Antibody, 10 Ul152.00 €10 µLDetails
101Bio-P601-100GFP Antibody, 100 Ul407.00 €100 µLDetails
101Bio-W2569-25Hifiscript 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit152.00 €25 ReactionsDetails