10X Annexin V Binding Buffer

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Catalog number:1006-100
Name:10X Annexin V Binding Buffer
Size:100 ml
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Extra details

Highlights:•BioVision’s 10X Annexin V Binding Buffer should be diluted to 1X with H₂O before use.
Description:Buffer for use with the BioVision’s Annexin V-FITC (Cat.# 1001-1000), Annexin V-Cy3 (Cat.# 1002-1000), Annexin V-Cy5 (Cat.#1013-1000), Annexin V-EGFP (Cat.# 1004-1000), Annexin V-PE (1014-1000), Annexin V-Biotin (Cat.# 1003-100), and Unlabeled Anenxin V (Cat.# 1005-100) reagents. During apoptosis, phosphatidylserine (PS) is translocated from the cytoplasmic face of the plasma membrane to the cell surface. Annexin V has a strong, Ca²ᶧ-dependent affinity for PS and therefore serves as a probe for detecting apoptosis.
Category:Annexin V Apoptosis Assay
Storage condition:+4°C
Shipping condition:gel pack
Maximum time for storage:12 months
Additional description:This Annexin V calcium dependent phospholipid binding protein will be downstream of BCL2 pathway and at caspase apoptotic level. Biovision has more cell death kits and antibodies.Buffering solutions are useful to keep the pH range sable when using this reagent of Biovision.

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