Ebola virus-like particles (EBOV VLP)

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Catalog number:0550-001
Name:Ebola virus-like particles (EBOV VLP)
Size:1 mg
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Extra details

Product type:Protein
Detection and sensitivity:Clonality: N/ATested for Wertern Blot - WB -
Performance and applications:Tested for Western Blot - WB -
Additional information:Ebola virus-like particles (EBOV VLP) is intended for research use only, not for human, therapeutic, or diagnostic applications.
Shipping handling and storage:Ebola virus-like particles (EBOV VLP) should be stored for up to 3 weeks at - 20oC.For a long term storage, keep it in a fridge at - 80oC.In order to preserve the protein structure and biological activity, avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Other products:Gentaur provides filoviruses diagnostic products such as Ebola, Sudan, Marburg which are deadly pathogens responsable of hemorrhagic fevers.
Who Caution:World Health Organization Caution: Health workers are the most exposed to filoviruses infections’ risk
Disease:Marburg or Ebola viruses ( EBOV ) need to be handled in BSL4 Biological safety level 4. However the monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, ELISAs and recombinant proteins do not need any specific safety measure because no active virus is involved. The Zaire Ebola strain is called ZEBOV. The Sudan virus is called SEBOV.

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