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P230-50Exosomal DNA Extraction Kit803.00 €50Details
P200PExosomal Protein Lysis Buffer484.00 €2 mlDetails
P200Exosomal RNA and Protein Extraction Kit585.00 €20Details
S105Exosome antibody labeling1210.00 €serviceDetails
S106Exosome Biotin labeling1210.00 €serviceDetails
S109Exosome electron microscopy imaging (EM)920.00 €serviceDetails
S107Exosome FACS sorting2950.00 €serviceDetails
S104Exosome fluorescent staining1210.00 €serviceDetails
P100SExosome Isolation kit (for cell culture media)208.00 €2Details
P100Exosome Isolation kit (for cell culture media)542.00 €10Details
P100LExosome Isolation kit (for cell culture media)1934.00 €40Details
P101NGSExosome Isolation kit (for serum & plasma -Exosome-RNA-NGS)1209.00 €for 2 samplesDetails
P101SExosome Isolation kit (for serum & plasma)208.00 €2Details
P101Exosome Isolation kit (for serum & plasma)556.00 €10Details
P101LExosome Isolation kit (for serum & plasma)1977.00 €40Details
P107SExosome Isolation kit (for stem cell culture media)237.00 €2Details
P107Exosome Isolation kit (for stem cell culture media)600.00 €10Details
P120SExosome Isolation kit (for urine)208.00 €2Details
P120Exosome Isolation kit (for urine)556.00 €10Details
P120LExosome Isolation kit (for urine)1977.00 €40Details
P121SExosome Isolation kit (forHuman Body Fluid)237.00 €2Details
P121Exosome Isolation kit (forHuman Body Fluid)585.00 €10Details
P121LExosome Isolation kit (forHuman Body Fluid)2079.00 €40Details
S103Exosome RNA and protein extraction1790.00 €serviceDetails
S108Exosome size distribution analysis (NTA)920.00 €serviceDetails
P130Exosome-TEM-easy Kit556.00 €10Details
P766-50FBS Alternative (Xeno-free)223.00 €50 mLDetails
P766-500FBS Alternative (Xeno-free)1455.00 €500 mLDetails
P760SFetal Bovine Serum (FBS), Premium, 100% US Origin223.00 €100 mLDetails
P760-1Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), Premium, 100% US Origin774.00 €500 mLDetails
P760-10Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), Premium, 100% US Origin6574.00 €500 mL x 10Details
P761SFetal Bovine Serum (FBS), Premium, 100% US Origin, ESC Tested266.00 €100 mLDetails
P7611Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), Premium, 100% US Origin, ESC Tested919.00 €500 mLDetails
P761-10Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), Premium, 100% US Origin, ESC Tested8024.00 €500 mL x 10Details
P731fibronectin, human plasma265.00 €1 mgDetails
P724-50Frizzled-5 Fc, Human474.00 €50 ugDetails
P724-250Frizzled-5 Fc, Human2018.00 €250 ugDetails
P724-1000Frizzled-5 Fc, Human4291.00 €1000 ugDetails
P725-50Frizzled-8 Fc, Human474.00 €50 ugDetails
P725-250Frizzled-8 Fc, Human2018.00 €250 ugDetails
P725-1000Frizzled-8 Fc, Human4291.00 €1000 ugDetails
P601-10GFP Antibody, 10 uL194.00 €10 uLDetails
P601-100GFP Antibody, 100 uL484.00 €100 uLDetails
P81017GPC3 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ2080.00 €1x10^6/vialDetails
P81024Her2 scFv-CD28-CD3ζ2080.00 €1x10^6/vialDetails
W2569-25HiFiScript 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit194.00 €25 rxnDetails
W2569-100HiFiScript 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit585.00 €100 rxnDetails
S502HLHigh titer Large, 200 µL ( > 1 x 10^8 IFU/mL )2080.00 €serviceDetails
S501HHigh titer, 100 µL ( > 1 x 10^8 IFU/mL )1645.00 €serviceDetails
S502HHigh titer, 100 µL ( > 1 x 10^8 IFU/mL )1645.00 €serviceDetails
S501HLHigh titer, 200 µL ( > 1 x 10^8 IFU/mL )2080.00 €serviceDetails
W2603-20Hipro Circulating Cell-Free DNA (cfDNA) Isolation Kit774.00 €20 rxnDetails
W2603-50Hipro Circulating Cell-Free DNA (cfDNA) Isolation Kit1209.00 €50 rxnDetails
P514-4Histone/DNA Binding Protein Extraction Kit (cells)194.00 €4 rxnDetails
P514-25Histone/DNA Binding Protein Extraction Kit (cells)411.00 €25 rxnDetails
P514-50Histone/DNA Binding Protein Extraction Kit (cells)658.00 €50 rxnDetails
P801Human Neural Stem Cell (hNSC) ~1x10^6 cells1499.00 €1x10^6Details
PBMCS-10Human PBMCs (normal, single donor)556.00 €10 million / vialDetails
PBCD3S-1Human Peripheral Blood CD3+ T Cells ( Single Donor )513.00 €1 million / vialDetails
PBCD3S-5Human Peripheral Blood CD3+ T Cells ( Single Donor )861.00 €1 million / vial x 5Details
P701-100Human Wnt-3a (100 ug) Growth Factor8739.00 €100 ugDetails
P701-25Human Wnt-3a (25 ug) Growth Factor2432.00 €25 ugDetails
P701-5Human Wnt-3a (5 ug) Growth Factor583.00 €5 ugDetails
P703-100Human Wnt-5a (100 ug) Growth Factor10914.00 €100 ugDetails
P703-25Human Wnt-5a (25 ug) Growth Factor3084.00 €25 ugDetails
P703-5Human Wnt-5a (5 ug) Growth Factor800.00 €5 ugDetails
CBCD34M-05Human Cord Blood CD34+ Cells (Mixed Donors)1122.00 €0.5 million / vial Details
CBCD34M-1Human Cord Blood CD34+ Cells (Mixed Donors)1644.00 €1 million / vial Details
CBCD34M-5Human Cord Blood CD34+ Cells (Mixed Donors)5849.00 €5 million / vial Details
CBCD34S-05Human Cord Blood CD34+ Cells (Single Donor)1499.00 €0.5 million / vial Details
CBCD34S-1Human Cord Blood CD34+ Cells (Single Donor)2079.00 €1 million / vial Details
PBCD14S-1Human Peripheral Blood CD14+ Monocytes ( Single Donor ) 411.00 €1 million / vial Details
PBCD14S-5Human Peripheral Blood CD14+ Monocytes ( Single Donor ) 774.00 €5 million / vial x 5Details
PBCD19S-1Human Peripheral Blood CD19+ B Lymphocytes( Single Donor ) 658.00 €1 million / vialDetails
PBCD4S-10Human Peripheral Blood CD4+ T Lymphocytes ( Single Donor )861.00 €10 million / vialDetails
P81010iCas9 HA-T2A-antiCD19scFv-CD28-CD3ζ−GGGS-FLAG2080.00 €1x10^6/vialDetails
P81006iCas9-T2A-antiCD19scFv-CD28-CD3ζ2312.00 €1x10^6/vialDetails
P717IGF-I Long R3, human265.00 €100 ugDetails
P718insulin, human265.00 €1000 ugDetails
S402iPSC characterization1200.00 €EBDetails
S404iPSC differentiation0.00 €TBADetails
S403iPSC gene editing21800.00 €serviceDetails
S401iPSC generation10925.00 €serviceDetails
P729-100JAG-1 peptide scrambled control257.00 €100 ugDetails
P726JAG-1 Protein257.00 €100 ugDetails
P738-50Jagged-1 Fc661.00 €50 ugDetails
P738-250Jagged-1 Fc2184.00 €250 ugDetails
P738-1000Jagged-1 Fc6534.00 €1000 ugDetails
P141-KNKidney Cancer Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-KNKidney Cancer Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails
P906Lentivirus 10x Titer-Up Kit (1 mL)440.00 €1mLDetails
P906SLentivirus 10x Titer-Up Kit Test Sample (0.1 mL)208.00 €0.1mLDetails
P904CLentivirus Concentration Solution (100 mL)295.00 €100 mLDetails
P904Lentivirus Packaging Kit (P904=P902+P904P)726.00 €10Details
P141-ALLLeukemia - ALL Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-ALLLeukemia - ALL Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails
P141-AMLLeukemia - AML Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-AMLLeukemia - AML Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails
P141-CLLLeukemia - CLL Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-CLLLeukemia - CLL Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails