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P141-CMLLeukemia - CML Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-CMLLeukemia - CML Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails
P141-HCLeukemia - Hairy Cell Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-HCLeukemia - Hairy Cell Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails
P141-MMLeukemia - Multiple Myeloma Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-MMLeukemia - Multiple Myeloma Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails
P737-2LGK974, WNT inhibitor418.00 €2 mgDetails
P737-10LGK974, WNT inhibitor1505.00 €10 mgDetails
P737-50LGK974, WNT inhibitor4333.00 €50 mgDetails
P740-50LIF, mouse918.00 €50 ugDetails
P740-250LIF, mouse3093.00 €250 ugDetails
P141-LVLiver Cancer Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-LVLiver Cancer Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails
P710GLong-term Cell Tracer 580 (Green)919.00 €1mLDetails
P710GSLong-term Cell Tracer 580 (Green) sample339.00 €0.1mLDetails
P710YLong-term Cell Tracer 580 (Yellow)919.00 €1mLDetails
P710YSLong-term Cell Tracer 580 (Yellow) sample339.00 €0.1mLDetails
P141-LGLung Cancer Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-LGLung Cancer Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails
P920-30Magnetic Beads (DNA) 30 mL629.00 €30 mLDetails
P920-450Magnetic Beads (DNA) 450 mL5849.00 €450 mLDetails
P920-5Magnetic Beads (DNA) 5 mL194.00 €5 mLDetails
P920-60Magnetic Beads (DNA) 60 mL1064.00 €60 mLDetails
P141-MNMelanoma (skin cancer) Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-MNMelanoma (skin cancer) Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails
P730mesenchymal stem cells medium337.00 €500 mLDetails
P81015Mesothelin scFv-FLAG -TM28-4-1BB-CD3ζ2080.00 €1x10^6/vialDetails
P81014Mesothelin scFv-FLAG -TM8-4-1BB-CD3ζ2080.00 €1x10^6/vialDetails
P81013Mesothelin scFv-TM28-4-1BB-CD3ζ2080.00 €1x10^6/vialDetails
P81011Mesothelin scFv-TM28-CD28-CD3ζ2080.00 €1x10^6/vialDetails
P81012Mesothelin scFv-TM8-4-1BB-CD3ζ2080.00 €1x10^6/vialDetails
P507LMitochondria Isolation Kit (Mammalian cells / tissues)629.00 €50 rxnDetails
P704-100Mouse Wnt-5a (100 ug) Growth Factor8739.00 €100 ugDetails
P704-25Mouse Wnt-5a (25 ug) Growth Factor2540.00 €25 ugDetails
P704-5Mouse Wnt-5a (5 ug) Growth Factor583.00 €5 ugDetails
P702-100Mouset Wnt-3a (100 ug) Growth Factor7652.00 €100 ugDetails
P702-25Mouset Wnt-3a (25 ug) Growth Factor2018.00 €25 ugDetails
P702-5Mouset Wnt-3a (5 ug) Growth Factor474.00 €5 ugDetails
P141-NANasopharyngeal Cancer Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-NANasopharyngeal Cancer Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails
P81008no scFv-CD28-CD3ζ2312.00 €1x10^6/vialDetails
P709-50Noggin, human616.00 €50 ugDetails
P709-250Noggin, human2646.00 €250 ugDetails
P709-1000Noggin, human8736.00 €1000 ugDetails
P141-NHNon-Hodgkin lymphoma Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-NHNon-Hodgkin lymphoma Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails
P240Normal human exosome RNA2224.00 €EADetails
P140Normal human exosome sample1645.00 €EADetails
P728-50Notch-1 Fc683.00 €50 ugDetails
P728-250Notch-1 Fc2205.00 €250 ugDetails
P728-1000Notch-1 Fc6555.00 €1000 ugDetails
P513LNuclear Envelope Protein Extraction Kit (Cells / tissues)774.00 €50 rxnDetails
P716-10PDGF-bb, human411.00 €10 ugDetails
P716-50PDGF-bb, human1281.00 €50 ugDetails
P716-250PDGF-bb, human3674.00 €250 ugDetails
P518-25Plant Microsomal Membrane Extraction Kit701.00 €25 rxnDetails
P503SPlasma Membrane Protein Extraction Kit (cell/tissue)223.00 €5 rxnDetails
P503Plasma Membrane Protein Extraction Kit (cell/tissue)411.00 €20 rxnDetails
P503LPlasma Membrane Protein Extraction Kit (cell/tissue)658.00 €50 rxnDetails
S203Plasmid amplification and purification14550.00 €500 mgDetails
P141-PRProstate Cancer Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-PRProstate Cancer Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails
P525-20Protein Extraction for Fixed and Embedded Tissues484.00 €20 rxnDetails
P521-4Protein Extraction Kit for Hair, Nail, Wool and Horn194.00 €4 rxnDetails
P521-20Protein Extraction Kit for Hair, Nail, Wool and Horn455.00 €20 rxnDetails
P521-80Protein Extraction Kit for Hair, Nail, Wool and Horn1310.00 €80 rxnDetails
P519-20Protein Extraction Kit from Gel Slices310.00 €20 rxnDetails
P519-80Protein Extraction Kit from Gel Slices948.00 €80 rxnDetails
P141-PSPsoriasis Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-PSPsoriasis Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails
W0506-496Pure Plasmid 96 Miniprep Kit919.00 €4 x 96 rxnDetails
W0503-10Pure Plasmid Maxiprep Kit266.00 €10 rxnDetails
W0500-50Pure Plasmid Miniprep Kit136.00 €50 rxnDetails
W0500-200Pure Plasmid Miniprep Kit339.00 €200 rxnDetails
P726-5R-spondin-1, Human248.00 €5 ugDetails
P726-25R-spondin-1, Human683.00 €25 ugDetails
P726-100R-spondin-1, Human2205.00 €100 ugDetails
P727-5R-spondin-1-Fc, Human270.00 €5 ugDetails
P727-25R-spondin-1-Fc, Human705.00 €25 ugDetails
P727-100R-spondin-1-Fc, Human2227.00 €100 ugDetails
S302Reporter cell line generation21800.00 €serviceDetails
P909Retrovirus 10x Titer-Up Kit (1 mL)440.00 €1mLDetails
P909SRetrovirus 10x Titer-Up Kit Test Sample (0.1 mL)208.00 €0.1mLDetails
P905CRetrovirus Concentration Solution (100 mL)326.00 €100 mLDetails
P905Retrovirus Packaging Kit (P905=P903+P905P)726.00 €10Details
P141-RARheumatoid Arthritis Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-RARheumatoid Arthritis Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails
W139-500SensitiveSafe DNA Gel Stain194.00 €500 µLDetails
P300SSerum Exosomal Protein Extraction kit339.00 €2Details
P300Serum Exosomal Protein Extraction kit774.00 €10Details
P706-5Sonic Hedgehog (SHh)561.00 €5 ugDetails
P706-25Sonic Hedgehog (SHh)2214.00 €25 ugDetails
P706-100Sonic Hedgehog (SHh)8304.00 €100 ugDetails
P401sRNA-into-Exosome Kit (Chemical)440.00 €20Details
P400sRNA-into-Exosome Kit (Electro)774.00 €10Details
P141-SLSystemic Lupus Erythematosus Exosome4399.00 €EADetails
P241-SLSystemic Lupus Erythematosus Exosome RNA4689.00 €EADetails
P734-500TAT fused to HA2 at C terminus692.00 €500 ugDetails
P736-250TAT fused to HA2 at N terminus474.00 €250 ugDetails
P735-1000TAT peptide257.00 €1000 ugDetails