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BIO-21051ACCUZYME DNA Polymerase182.00 €250 UnitsDetails
BIO-21052ACCUZYME DNA Polymerase277.00 €500 UnitsDetails
BIO-25028ACCUZYME Mix, 2x437.00 €500 ReactionsDetails
BIO-41027Agarose Tablets, DNase/RNase Free227.00 €300gDetails
BIO-41026Agarose, Molecular Grade88.00 €100gDetails
BIO-41025Agarose, Molecular Grade238.00 €500gDetails
BIO-21065BIO-X-ACT Short DNA Polymerase273.00 €500 UnitsDetails
BIO-25026BIO-X-ACT Short Mix, 2x403.00 €500 ReactionsDetails
BIO-25012BioMix (Ready-To-Go), 2x234.00 €500 ReactionsDetails
BIO-25006BioMix Red (Ready-To-Go), 2x248.00 €500 ReactionsDetails
BIO-27036BioScript MMLV RNAse H minus, 10000U163.00 €10,000 UnitsDetails
BIO-27036-4BioScript MMLV RNAse H minus, 40000U497.00 €4 x 10,000 UnitsDetails
BIO-21040BIOTAQ DNA Polymerase127.00 €500 UnitsDetails
BIO-21060BIOTAQ DNA Polymerase351.00 €2500 UnitsDetails
BIO-37075Co-Precipitant, Pink86.00 €1.5ml, 5mg/mlDetails
BIO-85025Competent Cells, Bronze Efficiency111.00 €2ml (10 x 200µl)Details
BIO-85027Competent Cells, Gold Efficiency224.00 €1ml ( 20 x 50µl )Details
BIO-85026Competent Cells, Silver Efficiency144.00 €2ml ( 10 x 200µl )Details
BIO-39036dATP, 100mM64.00 €25µmol, (1 x 250µl)Details
BIO-39038dCTP, 100mM64.00 €25µmol, (1 x 250µl)Details
BIO-39037dGTP, 100mM64.00 €25µmol, (1 x 250µl)Details
BIO-35031DNA Extraction Control 560 (orange cap)363.00 €500 rxnsDetails
BIO-35032DNA Extraction Control 560 (orange cap)1122.00 €2000 rxnsDetails
BIO-35033DNA Extraction Control 610 (yellow cap)363.00 €500 rxnsDetails
BIO-35034DNA Extraction Control 610 (yellow cap)1122.00 €2000 rxnsDetails
BIO-35028DNA Extraction Control 670 (red cap)363.00 €500 rxnsDetails
BIO-35029DNA Extraction Control 670 (red cap)1122.00 €2000 rxnsDetails
BIO-37045DNA Loading Buffer Blue, 5x58.00 €2 x 1mlDetails
BIO-39028dNTP Mix, 100mM89.00 €50µmol, (1 x 500µl)Details
BIO-39029dNTP Mix, 100mM227.00 €200µmol, (4 x 500µl)Details
BIO-39044dNTP Mix, 10mM58.00 €10µmol, (1ml vol.)Details
BIO-39053dNTP Mix, 10mM217.00 €100µmol, (10 x 1ml)Details
BIO-39043dNTP Mix, 40mM65.00 €20µmol, (1 x 500µl)Details
BIO-39025dNTP Set, 100mM111.00 €4 x 25µmol, (4 x 250µl)Details
BIO-39049dNTP Set, 100mM308.00 €4 x 100µmol, (4 x 1ml)Details
BIO-39026dNTP Set, 100mM318.00 €4 x 100µmol, (4 x 4 x 250µl)Details
BIO-39039dTTP, 100mM64.00 €25µmol, (1 x 250µl)Details
BIO-39041dUTP Mix, 50mM77.00 €25µmol, (1 x 500µl)Details
BIO-39035dUTP, 100mM88.00 €25µmol, (1 x 250µl)Details
BIO-33045EasyLadder I98.00 €200 LanesDetails
BIO-33046EasyLadder I186.00 €500 LanesDetails
BIO-66038EPIK Biofluid miRNA Panel High-ROX Plate 0.1Y873.00 €4 PlatesDetails
BIO-66042EPIK Biofluid miRNA Panel Low-ROX Plate 0.1X873.00 €4 PlatesDetails
BIO-66037EPIK Biofluid miRNA Panel Low-ROX Plate 0.1Y873.00 €4 PlatesDetails
BIO-66039EPIK Biofluid miRNA Panel Low-ROX Plate 0.2Y873.00 €4 PlatesDetails
BIO-66032EPIK Cancer miRNA Panel High-ROX Plate 0.1Y1561.00 €8 PlatesDetails
BIO-66040EPIK Cancer miRNA Panel Low-ROX Plate 0.1X1561.00 €8 PlatesDetails
BIO-66031EPIK Cancer miRNA Panel Low-ROX Plate 0.1Y1561.00 €8 PlatesDetails
BIO-66033EPIK Cancer miRNA Panel Low-ROX Plate 0.2Y1561.00 €8 PlatesDetails
BIO-66035EPIK Stem Cell miRNA Panel High-ROX Plate 0.1Y873.00 €4 PlatesDetails
BIO-66041EPIK Stem Cell miRNA Panel Low-ROX Plate 0.1X873.00 €4 PlatesDetails
BIO-66034EPIK Stem Cell miRNA Panel Low-ROX Plate 0.1Y873.00 €4 PlatesDetails
BIO-66036EPIK Stem Cell miRNA Panel Low-ROX Plate 0.2Y873.00 €4 PlatesDetails
BIO-66044EPIK™ miRNA Hi-ROX Assay Evaluation Kit84.00 €30 rxnsDetails
BIO-66043EPIK™ miRNA Lo-ROX Assay Evaluation Kit84.00 €30 rxnsDetails
BIO-66046EPIK™ miRNA Select Hi-ROX Kit541.00 €400 qPCR and 40 RT ReactionsDetails
BIO-66045EPIK™ miRNA Select Lo-ROX Kit541.00 €400 qPCR and 40 RT ReactionsDetails
BIO-37110Hi-Fi Reaction Buffer, 5x64.00 €2 x 1.5mlDetails
BIO-35025Human Genomic DNA119.00 €500µl @ 200ng/µlDetails
BIO-39046Hydroxymethylated dCTP, 100mM343.00 €25µmol, (1 x 250µl)Details
BIO-33056HyperLadder 100bp (HyperLadder IV)84.00 €100 LanesDetails
BIO-33029HyperLadder 100bp (HyperLadder IV)117.00 €200 LanesDetails
BIO-33030HyperLadder 100bp (HyperLadder IV)227.00 €500 LanesDetails
BIO-33053HyperLadder 1kb (HyperLadder I)69.00 €100 LanesDetails
BIO-33025HyperLadder 1kb (HyperLadder I)91.00 €200 LanesDetails
BIO-33026HyperLadder 1kb (HyperLadder I)151.00 €500 LanesDetails
BIO-33057HyperLadder 25bp (HyperLadder V)84.00 €100 LanesDetails
BIO-33031HyperLadder 25bp (HyperLadder V)117.00 €200 LanesDetails
BIO-33032HyperLadder 25bp (HyperLadder V)227.00 €500 LanesDetails
BIO-33054HyperLadder 50bp (HyperLadder II)84.00 €100 LanesDetails
BIO-33039HyperLadder 50bp (HyperLadder II)117.00 €200 LanesDetails
BIO-33040HyperLadder 50bp (HyperLadder II)227.00 €500 LanesDetails
BIO-33066HyperPAGE Prestained Protein Marker181.00 €500µlDetails
BIO-21046IMMOLASE DNA Polymerase134.00 €250 UnitsDetails
BIO-21047IMMOLASE DNA Polymerase211.00 €500 UnitsDetails
BIO-21048IMMOLASE DNA Polymerase1469.00 €5000 UnitsDetails
BIO-25020ImmoMix (Ready-To-Go), 2x384.00 €500 ReactionsDetails
BIO-25022ImmoMix Red (Ready-To-Go), 2x384.00 €500 ReactionsDetails
BIO-37036IPTG102.00 €5gDetails
BIO-52082ISOLATE Fecal DNA Kit327.00 €50 prepsDetails
BIO-52038ISOLATE Fecal DNA Kit571.00 €100 prepsDetails
BIO-52086ISOLATE II Biofluids Viral RNA Kit326.00 €50 prepsDetails
BIO-52062ISOLATE II Blood Kit74.00 €10 prepsDetails
BIO-52063ISOLATE II Blood Kit657.00 €50 prepsDetails
BIO-52087ISOLATE II FFPE RNA/DNA Kit448.00 €50 prepsDetails
BIO-52065ISOLATE II Genomic DNA Kit63.00 €10 prepsDetails
BIO-52066ISOLATE II Genomic DNA Kit162.00 €50 prepsDetails
BIO-52067ISOLATE II Genomic DNA Kit500.00 €250 prepsDetails
BIO-52083ISOLATE II miRNA Kit248.00 €25 prepsDetails
BIO-52058ISOLATE II PCR & Gel Kit58.00 €10 prepsDetails
BIO-52059ISOLATE II PCR & Gel Kit117.00 €50 prepsDetails
BIO-52060ISOLATE II PCR & Gel Kit378.00 €250 prepsDetails
BIO-52068ISOLATE II Plant Kit67.00 €10 prepsDetails
BIO-52069ISOLATE II Plant Kit168.00 €50 prepsDetails
BIO-52070ISOLATE II Plant Kit551.00 €250 prepsDetails
BIO-52084ISOLATE II Plant miRNA Kit221.00 €25 prepsDetails
BIO-52055ISOLATE II Plasmid Mini Kit54.00 €10 prepsDetails
BIO-52056ISOLATE II Plasmid Mini Kit109.00 €50 prepsDetails
BIO-52057ISOLATE II Plasmid Mini Kit323.00 €250 prepsDetails
BIO-52074ISOLATE II RNA Micro Kit117.00 €10 prepsDetails