293AAV Cell Line

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Catalog number:AAV-100
Name:293AAV Cell Line
Size:1 vial
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We send this reagant on:Dry Ice
The temperatureerature for storage is:For best results begin culture upon receipt. If this is not possible, store at -80ºC until first culture. Store subsequent cultured cells in liquid nitrogen.
SDS or safty data sheet: (AAV-100) GHS.pdf
Type of reagent:Viral Expression
Related techniques:Viral Expression, Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Expression, AAV Expression and Packaging, AAV Cell Line
Use of the reagent:The 293AAV Cell Line is derived from the parental 293 cells but selected for attributes that increase AAV production, including firmer attachment and larger surface area.
Cellular use:Larger cell surface area for higher viral yields
Protocol information:Flattened morphology and firmer attachment to culture plates
Reagent properties:Ideal for large scale AAV production
Living modified organisme in this reagent or LMO:Not applicable
Host species:viral
Conjugation and form:specific
Use of this test kit or product:for a molecular biology lab
Antigen:target sequence
Molecular weight:kDa or kiloDaltons
This reagent is purified:0.99
Description:For cells, cell lines and tissues in culture till half confluency.

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