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S024-GSemi-micro UV glass cell with black walls and a lid (inside width: 4mm, 1.4ml)84.80 €1Details
S144-GSemi-micro UV glass cell with black walls and a lid (inside width: 5mm, 1.7ml)84.80 €1Details
SQ024Semi-micro UV quartz cell with black walls and a lid (inside width: 4mm, 1.4ml)91.76 €1Details
SQ144Semi-micro UV quartz cell with black walls and a lid (inside width: 5mm, 1.7ml)91.76 €1Details
SQ294Semi-micro UV quartz cell with frosted walls and with teflon stopper112.64 €1Details
PW023-5Sensitive DAB Staining Kit69.14 €5 PrepsDetails
RC277-18-2ugSheep Interferon(IFN)-tau Recombinant protein101.33 €2ugDetails
RC277-18-10ugSheep Interferon(IFN)-tau Recombinant protein152.66 €10ugDetails
RC277-18-1mgSheep Interferon(IFN)-tau Recombinant protein3312.50 €1mgDetails
DSG111Silica gel 5G (in bag, 100/PK)61.31 €1PKDetails
DSG110Silica gel drying reagent (per kilo)65.66 €1KGDetails
PT81914-0100Single Colony Screening Kit0.00 €100 PrepsDetails
BS523-0025Single Step Ultra Competent Cell Preps Kit76.10 €25mlDetails
BS524-0050Single Step Ultra Competent Cell Preps Kit93.50 €50mlDetails
9K-002-0038-0030Smart 2X PCR pre-mix Pfu (30µl)581.13 €30µLDetails
SD7008-0250SOB Agar71.75 €250gDetails
SD7007-0250SOB Broth70.44 €250gDetails
SD7009-0250SOC Broth71.75 €250gDetails
9K-005-0003-5000SP6 RNA Polymerase (5000U)385.38 €5000UDetails
SP074Spatulas with round/tapered ends54.35 €1Details
SP071Spatulas with wooden handle53.48 €1Details
SP073Spoon with a flat end54.35 €1Details
DS001-100Square Shapped Plastic Dishes for cell culture 100x15mm, 10/PK0.00 €1PKDetails
WT123Square Weighing paper 11 / 2x11 / 2x7 / 8, 50 sheets/box62.18 €1PKDetails
WT121Square Weighing paper 13 / 8x13 / 8x5 / 16, 200 sheets/box65.66 €1PKDetails
WT122Square Weighing paper 7 / 2x2 / 2x1, 50 sheets/box57.83 €1PKDetails
SK4051-1000Stable Lowry Protein Assay Kit83.06 €1000 AssaysDetails
SP072Stainless steel scoop53.48 €1Details
SP076Stainless steel scoops, Large57.40 €1Details
SP077Stainless steel scoops, Medium57.40 €1Details
S004-GStandard glass cell with a lid (45x12.5x12.5mm; inside width: 10mm, 3.5ml)55.66 €1Details
S005-GStandard glass cell with a lid (45x12.5x22.5mm; inside width: 10mm, 7.0ml)55.66 €1Details
S003-GStandard glass cell with a lid (45x12.5x7.5mm; inside width: 10mm, 1.7ml)55.66 €1Details
S204-GStandard glass fluorometer cell with a lid74.36 €1Details
SQ204Standard quartz fluorometer cell with a lid115.25 €1Details
SQ004Standard UV quartz cell with a lid (45x12.5x12.5mm; inside width: 10mm, 3.5ml)100.46 €1Details
SQ005Standard UV quartz cell with a lid (45x12.5x22.5mm; inside width: 10mm, 7.0ml)103.94 €1Details
SQ003Standard UV quartz cell with a lid (45x12.5x7.5mm; inside width: 10mm, 1.7ml)93.50 €1Details
SQ014Standard UV quartz cell with teflon stopper96.98 €1Details
BT215-RSBSterile 0.1-10ul short micro-tips, 10*96/Rack74.36 €1PKDetails
BT215-SSterile 0.1-10ul short micro-tips, 1000/Pack56.96 €1PKDetails
BT215-RSSterile 0.1-10ul short micro-tips, 96/Rack52.61 €1PKDetails
BT216-RSBSterile 0.2-10ul medium micro-tips, 10*96/Rack74.36 €1PKDetails
BT216-SSterile 0.2-10ul medium micro-tips, 1000/Pack56.96 €1PKDetails
BT216-RSSterile 0.2-10ul medium micro-tips, 96/Rack52.61 €1PKDetails
BT225-SSterile 0.5-10ul long micro-tips, 1000/Pack56.96 €1PKDetails
BT225-RSBSterile 0.5-10ul micro-tips, 10*96/Rack74.36 €1PKDetails
BT225-RSSterile 0.5-10ul micro-tips, 96/Rack52.61 €1PKDetails
IL311-1Sterile Blue Inoculating loops and needles,1uL (25/bag)51.31 €1PKDetails
SP91151Sterile Cell lifer PP, 23mm and 12mm with 21.8cm handle92.35 €1CSDetails
B003N-S125Sterile Natural Plastic Bottle Wide Neck, 125ml58.70 €10Details
B003N-S15Sterile Natural Plastic Bottle Wide Neck, 15ml54.79 €10Details
B003N-S250Sterile Natural Plastic Bottle Wide Neck, 250ml60.88 €10Details
B003N-S30Sterile Natural Plastic Bottle Wide Neck, 30ml56.53 €10Details
B003N-S500Sterile Natural Plastic Bottle Wide Neck, 500ml63.49 €5Details
B003N-S70Sterile Natural Plastic Bottle Wide Neck, 70ml57.83 €10Details
TB418-SSterile sealing film with 50 sheets62.18 €1PKDetails
SP61126Sterile to SAL10-6 Conical centrifuge tubes, PP/HDPE, 15ml, 17x120mm, RCF 13000xg, 50/sleeve, 500/case142.87 €1CSDetails
SP61161Sterile to SAL10-6 Conical centrifuge tubes, PP/HDPE, 50ml, 17x120mm, RCF 14000Xg, 25/sleeve, 500/case165.63 €1CSDetails
IL311-NSterile White Inoculating loops and needles (25/bag)51.31 €1PKDetails
IL311-10Sterile Yellow Inoculating loops and needles,10ul (25/bag)51.31 €1PKDetails
SD7027-0250Super Agar Broth71.75 €250gDetails
SD7026-0250Super Broth71.75 €250gDetails
SD7028-0250Super Top Agar71.75 €250gDetails
DG-WEST-500mlSuperBlot™ Western Transfer Buffer 10X concentrated113.80 €500 mlDetails
SK3051-500Superior BiCinchoninic Acid Protein Assay Kit114.38 €500 AssaysDetails
SK3041-1000Superior Bradford Protein Assay Kit, 1000 assays83.06 €1000 AssaysDetails
DG-STAIN-5SuperPower™ Fast Stain Coomassie G-250 Tablet160.20 €5 dry tabletsDetails
BS71217-0100T-Tailing Kit110.90 €100 PrepsDetails
9K-005-0002-40000T4 DNA Ligase (40000U)292.73 €40000UDetails
B1445-0200T4 DNA Ligase with PEG, 5u/ul80.45 €200UDetails
B1442-1000T4 DNA Ligase with PEG, 5u/ul163.10 €1KUDetails
B1125-0200T4 DNA Ligase, 5u/ul77.84 €200UDetails
B1122-0001T4 DNA Ligase, 5u/ul158.75 €1KUDetails
BEP0061-0100T4 DNA Polymerase, 5u/ul109.59 €100UDetails
BEN0141-0250T4 Endonuclease V, 5u/ul154.40 €250UDetails
BEL0021-1000T4 RNA Ligase, 10-20u/ul168.90 €1KUDetails
9K-005-0004-5000T7 RNA Polymerase (5000U)264.02 €5000UDetails
9K-001-0035-1000Taq DNA Polymerase (1000U)348.85 €1000UDetails
9K-001-0002-3000Taq DNA Polymerase (3000U)485.00 €3000UDetails
9K-001-0001-0500Taq DNA Polymerase (500U)174.41 €500UDetails
9K-001-0033-6000Taq DNA Polymerase (6000U)1028.75 €6000UDetails
9K-001-0034-1000Taq DNA Polymerase with dNTP Mix (1000U)432.37 €1000UDetails
9K-001-0032-3000Taq DNA Polymerase with dNTP Mix (3000U)907.38 €3000UDetails
9K-001-0031-0500Taq DNA Polymerase with dNTP Mix (500U)292.73 €500UDetails
9K-001-0018-6000Taq DNA Polymerase with dNTP Mix (6000U)1280.62 €6000UDetails
B0089(D0089)-0200Taq DNA Polymerase, 5u/ul61.60 €200UDetails
B0089(D0089)-0500Taq DNA Polymerase, 5u/ul71.75 €500UDetails
B0089(D0089)-5200Taq DNA Polymerase, 5u/ul93.50 €5 X 200UDetails
B0089(D0089)-1000Taq DNA Polymerase, 5u/ul93.50 €1,000UDetails
B0089(D0089)-5000Taq DNA Polymerase, 5u/ul267.50 €5 X 1,000UDetails
BS9295-0001Taq PCR Master Mix (2X, Blue Dye)84.80 €1mlDetails
BS9296-0005Taq PCR Master Mix (2X, Blue Dye)189.20 €5mLDetails
BS9297-0001Taq PCR Master Mix (2X, Red Dye)84.80 €1mlDetails
BS9298-0005Taq PCR Master Mix (2X, Red Dye)189.20 €5mLDetails
D0090-0200Taq Plus DNA Polymerase, 5u/ul79.00 €200UDetails
D0090-1000Taq Plus DNA Polymerase, 5u/ul166.00 €1000UDetails
SD7035-0250Terrific Broth71.75 €250gDetails
BSP006-20ml-20mlTissue Proteic Lysis Buffer 1X Concentrated76.10 €20mlDetails
BSP006-5x20ml-5x20mlTissue Proteic Lysis Buffer 1X Concentrated171.80 €5x20mlDetails