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PW025-5TMB Staining Kit70.88 €5 PrepsDetails
RC572-13-300IUTobacco Etch Virus Protease (rTEV) Recombinant protein119.60 €300IUDetails
RC572-13-1000IUTobacco Etch Virus Protease (rTEV) Recombinant protein206.60 €1000IUDetails
RC572-13-10,000IUTobacco Etch Virus Protease (rTEV) Recombinant protein1028.75 €10,000IUDetails
BSP003-50Total Protein Extraction Kit109.16 €50 PrepsDetails
RF026Triangle plastic foam racks, 86x13mm51.52 €1Details
BSP011-50TriChloroAcetic Precipitation Protein Kit83.06 €50 PrepsDetails
SD8113-1Tris-Buffered Saline Blocking buffer with Bovine Serum Albumine83.93 €1pkDetails
SD8104-1Tris-Buffered Saline PreMix Solution with skimmed milk63.49 €1pkDetails
PW009-500mlTris-Buffered Saline with Tween-20 Buffer 10X65.66 €500mlDetails
SD6044-1LTris-Caps Transfer Buffer Solution 1X80.45 €1LDetails
TG217(G211)-0100Tryptone Powder59.57 €100gDetails
TG217(G211)-0500Tryptone Powder91.76 €500gDetails
D0081-0200Tsg DNA Polymerase, 5u/ul61.60 €200UDetails
D0081-0500Tsg DNA Polymerase, 5u/ul71.75 €500UDetails
D0081-5200Tsg DNA Polymerase, 5u/ul93.50 €5 X 200UDetails
D0081-0001Tsg DNA Polymerase, 5u/ul93.50 €1KUDetails
D0081-0051Tsg DNA Polymerase, 5u/ul267.50 €5 X1KUDetails
D0088-0500Tsg Plus DNA Polymerase, 5u/ul108.00 €500UDetails
D0088-5200Tsg Plus DNA Polymerase, 5u/ul166.00 €5 X 200UDetails
D0088-0200Tsg PlusDNA Polymerase, 5u/ul79.00 €200UDetails
SD7032-0250TYGPN Medium70.01 €250gDetails
BS92028-0002Ultra-Fast 96-well Plate Plasmid DNA Mini-Preps Kit145.16 €2X PlatesDetails
BS92029-0005Ultra-Fast 96-well Plate Plasmid DNA Mini-Preps Kit240.31 €5X PlatesDetails
BS82014-0050Ultra-Fast Spin Column Plasmid DNA Min-Preps Kit123.08 €50 prepsDetails
SK3071-250Uninterfering Protein Concentration Determination Kit109.16 €250 AssaysDetails
BSP012-100Universal Protein Precipitation Reagent81.32 €100 PrepsDetails
9K-005-0001-1000Uracil DNA Glycosylase (1000U)497.62 €1000UDetails
ES446-0200Uracil DNA Glycosylase, 1u/ul96.98 €200UDetails
F505011-0001-0001Vacuum Manifold282.94 €1Details
BP547-0001Vacuum Seal Strips0.00 €1Details
RC392-13-10ugViral MIP-2 (CXCL2) Recombinant protein101.33 €10ugDetails
RC392-13-50ugViral MIP-2 (CXCL2) Recombinant protein152.66 €50ugDetails
RC392-13-1mgViral MIP-2 (CXCL2) Recombinant protein2116.25 €1mgDetails
BSP069-250Water-compatible Peroxide Quantitative Assay Kit91.76 €250 AssaysDetails
TP003WWhite labeling tape53.48 €1ROLLSDetails
LB003WWhite labels on roll, 30x15mm54.35 €1ROLLSDetails
LB103WWhite labels on roll, 40x20mm54.35 €1ROLLSDetails
9K-002-0036-0096Wise RT/PCR Premix (96 tests)581.13 €96RxDetails
9K-002-0032-0576Wise Taq Premix (576 tests)889.12 €576RxDetails
9K-002-0028-0096Wise Taq Premix (96 tests)236.62 €96RxDetails
BS382-1mlYeast and Fungi Protease Inhibitor Cocktail 100X concentrated157.88 €1mlDetails
G0961-0500Yeast Extract81.32 €500gDetails
9K-006-0022-3300Yeast Genomic DNA Extraction Prep Kit (3300 tests)0.00 €3300RxDetails
9K-006-0017-0400Yeast Genomic DNA Extraction Prep Kit (400 tests)0.00 €400RxDetails
S507-0100Yeast Nitrogen Base w/o amino acids91.76 €100gDetails
S507-0500Yeast Nitrogen Base w/o amino acids237.05 €500gDetails
S505-0100Yeast Nitrogen Base w/o amino acids & ammonium sulfate91.76 €100gDetails
S505-0500Yeast Nitrogen Base w/o amino acids & ammonium sulfate237.05 €500gDetails
BSP026-20ml-20mlYeast Protein Lysis Buffer 1X Concentrated76.10 €20mlDetails
BSP026-5x20ml-5x20mlYeast Protein Lysis Buffer 1X Concentrated171.80 €5x20mlDetails
R567-YYellow 80-well rack52.31 €1Details
R541-YYellow 96-well PCR tubes racks53.05 €1Details
R577-YYellow 96-well reversible52.87 €1Details
TP004YYellow labeling tape53.48 €1ROLLSDetails
LB004YYellow labels on roll, 30x15mm54.35 €1ROLLSDetails
LB104YYellow labels on roll, 40x20mm54.35 €1ROLLSDetails
SD7034-0250YM Agar76.10 €250gDetails
SD7031-0250YM Medium70.44 €250gDetails
SD7023-0250YPD Agar71.75 €250gDetails
SD7022-0250YPD Broth71.75 €250gDetails
SD7017-0250YT Agar76.10 €250gDetails
SD7016-0250YT Broth71.75 €250gDetails
SD7018-0250YT Top Agar76.10 €250gDetails