Collagen type II bovine nasal septum (Native Protein)

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Catalog number:30 410 414
Name:Collagen type II bovine nasal septum (Native Protein)
Size:5 mg lyophilized
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Extra details

Protein type:Native
Protein subtype:N/A
Protein family:Collagens
Protein description:Hyaline cartilage, makes up 50% of all cartilage protein. Vitreous humour of the eye.
Research area interests:Diseases associated with collagen II: Collagenopathy
Package form:lyophilized
Tested applications:It can be used as a control and for ELISA
Other names:Collagen type II bovine nasal septum
Peptide sequence:N/A
Available target modification:Yes
Expression system:bovine nasal septum
Product Subtype:full length
Active form?:No
Protein purity:N/A
Molecular weight:N/A
UniProt number:N/A
Gene number:N/A
Full name:N/A
Other desciption:Bovine nasal septum Collagen Type II is purified from bovine nasal septum
Purification:Mentioned in the data sheet
PubMed citations:See the data sheet
Warnings:For Research Use only.
Shipping conditions:dry ice or ice pack
Storage condition:store at 4°C
Technical datasheet:Contact us to receive the datasheet
Gene:Collagen Types in bones and muscles can be hydrolyzed and used in human grafts. ( Type II )

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