HtrA3 maxi Extraction Kit

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Catalog number:30 501 502
Name:HtrA3 maxi Extraction Kit
Size:10 extraction
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ELISA category:Extraction Kit
ELISA detection limits:0.3 - 1.5 µg/extract
ELISA sensitivity:20 - 30 ng/µl Beads (bindungs-capacity)
ELISA's description:The procedure is fast and simple with up to 50x concentration. Each kit provides sufficient reagents for preparing 10 extracts for an enrichment of HtrA3 about 1-1.4 µg per extract. Only now it is possible to determine the HtrA3 isoforms (Wester Blot, SDS-PAGE), the concentration (ELISAs) and activity of high diluted HtrA3.
Research area interests:Cancer, Rheumatic Diseases, Arthritis, Cardiovascular, Cell Biology, Signal Transduction, Immunology
Package form:single tube
Reacts with:HtrA3
Tested applications:This kit provides a highly sensitive and straightforward, affinity-based procedure of extraction and enrichment of even low concentrated human HtA3 from cell culture e.g. mammalian cells and tissues e.g. placenta up to volumes of 50 ml.
Preservative materials:If applicable mentioned in the product data sheet
Storage recommendations:6 month
Shipping and storage conditions:ice pack
Long term storage:2-8°C
Assay principle:specific Affinity chromatography
Included in the standard package:antibody coupled beads, buffers, filters
Not included in the standard package:Spectrophotometer, Pipettes or pipetting equipment, Disposable polypropylene test tubes, Distilled or deionised water
Samples to be analyzed:biological fluids, tissues, cell culture
PubMed citations:See the datasheet
Technical datasheet:Contact us to receive the datasheet
Representative figures:
Warnings:For Research Use only.

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