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Catalog number:BIO-BZ-1004
Size:1 Unit
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Model:BK_500 -Diamond-
System:Close System
Description:BK_500 -Diamond-,FULLY AUTO BIOCHEMISTRY ANALYZER is a medical laboratory instrument used to measure chemicals and other characteristics in blood samples quickly, its principal of operation is based on Lambert and Beer’s law of photochemistry. This equipment is intended for the labs where heavy load of blood samples is estimated.its principal of operation of a bio-chemistry analyzer is based on Lamberts and Beer’s law of photo-chemistry.
Application:In-Vitro Diagnostic Use_Clinical Use_Hospital Use
External Size:1,17m* 0,775 m *1,135 m
Package Size:1,358m * 0,968m * 1,446m
Gross Weight:200Kg
Type:Discrete, fully automatic
Throughput:550 Tests per hour
Sample Positions:90 Sample Positions (Including Calibration - Quality Control and Emergency)
Sample Volume:0,002 mL ~0,07 mL _0.001 mL stepping_
Reagent Positions:R1:45 R2:45 total 90 Refrigerated Reagent Positions
Reagent volume:0,02 mL ~0,35 mL (0,001 mL stepping), supporting reagent from different brand
Reaction Time:NA
Reaction Tray:37℃±0.1℃, with online software monitor the temperature
Reagent Tray:Continuous 2℃~8℃ cooling within 24 hours
Cuvettes:120 reusable reaction cuvettes (optical path length 6mm)
Accessories:Sample Cup -1- / Cuvettes -1 pack with 120 units - / Reagent Probe -1- / Sample Probe -1- / Mixer -1- / Fuse Wire -1- / Halogen Lamp -1-
Ordering:To order FULLY AUTO BIOCHEMISTRY ANALYZER BK_500 -Diamond-Close System , please use the Cat. Nr.BIO-BZ-1004 and submit your purchase order by email or by fax. Please contact us for more information.
Technical file:Please contact our technical support - - to request a datasheet, the user manual, certificate of analysis or the MSDS file.
Tips:You need information on the FULLY AUTO BIOCHEMISTRY ANALYZER BK_500 -Diamond-Close System ? Contact us on Live Chat. Our specialists are ready to help you. Send us a message in Live Chat for real-time support. We can provide you with datasheets, manuals, protocols and other product.

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