Antibody Diluent (Ready-to-use)

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Catalog number:PU002
Name:Antibody Diluent (Ready-to-use)
Size:100 ml
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Availability:Please contact us to check the availability
Species reactivity:-
Product presentation:PBS pH 7.3 stabilized by addition of highly purified proteins and sodium azide 0.09%
Product category:Accessories
Antibody's raised in:none
Antibody's isotype:-
Antibody's clone:-
Product is supplied as:ready to use
Recommended concentration for use:neat
Protein concentration:-
Positive control:-
Tested applications:IHC(P)
Recommended secondary reagent:none
Storage method:Store at 2-8°C
UniProt number:Go to UniProt/SwissProt
Litterature:Go to PubMed
Tips:Gentaur buffers are manufactured for research use only, they are not intended for clinical diagnostic applications. ** The preservative sodium azide is known to be poisonous and potentially hazardous to health. It should be handled only by trained staff. Despite of the product's low azide concentration it must be handled with care. Dispose according to regional rules!
Properties:If you buy Antibodies supplied by bio logo they should be stored frozen at - 24°C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°C.
French translation:anticorps

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