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P3998BioFree Pipette Tips, 5000µL tips, bulk pack of 25068.00 €250 PKDetails
P4512-300BioPETTE PLUS 12-CHANNEL PIPET440.00 €1 EADetails
P1000-10-RLabnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 0.5-10µL, 10 racks of 96210.00 €4800 CSDetails
P1000-10Labnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 0.5-10µL, Bulk Pack of 1000330.00 €1000 CSDetails
P1000-10X-RLabnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 0.5-10µL, Extended Length, 10 racks of 96691.00 €4800 CSDetails
P1000-10XLabnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 0.5-10µL, Extended Length, Bulk Pack of 1000330.00 €1000 CSDetails
P1000-1000-RLabnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 1000µL, 10 racks of 96231.00 €5000 CSDetails
P1000-1000Labnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 1000µL, Bulk Pack of 1000143.00 €5000 CSDetails
P1000-200-RLabnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 200µL, 10 racks of 96210.00 €4800 CSDetails
P1000-200Labnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 200µL, Bulk Pack of 1000330.00 €1 CSDetails
P1000-300-RLabnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 300µL, 10 racks of 96210.00 €4800 CSDetails
P1000-300Labnet, BioFree Pipette Tips, 300µL, Bulk Pack of 1000191.00 €1000 CSDetails
P4612-50ALabnet, BioPette 12-Channel Pipettor 5-50µL427.00 €1 EADetails
P4612-300ALabnet, BioPette 12-Channel Pipettor 50-300µL427.00 €1 EADetails
P4612-10ALabnet, BioPette A, 12-Channel Pipettor 1-10µL427.00 €1 EADetails
P4612-200ALabnet, BioPette A, 12-Channel Pipettor 20-200µL427.00 €1 EADetails
P4608-10ALabnet, BioPette A, 8-Channel Pipettor 1-10µL360.00 €1 EADetails
P4608-200ALabnet, BioPette A, 8-Channel Pipettor 20-200µL360.00 €1 EADetails
P4608-50ALabnet, BioPette A, 8-Channel Pipettor 5-50µL360.00 €1 EADetails
P4608-300ALabnet, BioPette A, 8-Channel Pipettor 50-300µL360.00 €1 EADetails
P3960-10000ALabnet, BioPette A, Single Channel Pipettor 1000-10000µL184.00 €1 EADetails
P3960-2ALabnet, BioPette A, Single Channel Pipettor, 0.1-2µL150.00 €1 EADetails
P3960-20ALabnet, BioPette A, Single Channel Pipettor, 2-20µL150.00 €1 EADetails
P3960-10ALabnet, BioPette A,Single Channel Pipettor 0.5-10µL150.00 €1 EADetails
P3960-100ALabnet, BioPette A,Single Channel Pipettor 10-100µL150.00 €1 EADetails
P3960-1000ALabnet, BioPette A,Single Channel Pipettor 100-1000µL150.00 €1 EADetails
P3960-200ALabnet, BioPette A,Single Channel Pipettor 20-200µL150.00 €1 EADetails
P3960-5000ALabnet, BioPette A,Single Channel Pipettor,1000-5000µL165.00 €1 EADetails
P4812-10Labnet, BioPette Plus 12-Channel Pipettor 1-10µL440.00 €1 EADetails
P4812-200Labnet, BioPette Plus 12-Channel Pipettor 20-200µL440.00 €1 EADetails
P4812-50Labnet, BioPette Plus 12-Channel Pipettor 5-50µL440.00 €1 EADetails
P4812-300Labnet, BioPette Plus 12-Channel Pipettor 50-300µL440.00 €1 EADetails
P4808-10Labnet, BioPette Plus 8-Channel Pipettor 1-10µL376.00 €1 EADetails
P4808-200Labnet, BioPette Plus 8-Channel Pipettor 20-200µL376.00 €1 EADetails
P4808-50Labnet, BioPette Plus 8-Channel Pipettor 5-50µL376.00 €1 EADetails
P4808-300Labnet, BioPette Plus 8-Channel Pipettor 50-300µL376.00 €1 EADetails
P3942-2Labnet, BioPette Plus Pipettor 0.1-2µL160.00 €1 EADetails
P3942-100Labnet, BioPette Plus Pipettor 10-100µL160.00 €1 EADetails
P3942-1000Labnet, BioPette Plus Pipettor 100-5000µL160.00 €1 EADetails
P3942-10000Labnet, BioPette Plus Pipettor 1000-10000µL160.00 €1 EADetails
P3942-10Labnet, BioPette Plus Pipettor 1000-5000µL160.00 €1 EADetails
P3942-5000Labnet, BioPette Plus Pipettor 1000-5000µL164.00 €1 EADetails
P3942-20Labnet, BioPette Plus Pipettor 2-20µL160.00 €1 EADetails
P3942-200Labnet, BioPette Plus Pipettor 20-200µL160.00 €1 EADetails
P3942-SK4Labnet, Biopette Plus Starter Pack493.00 €1 EADetails
P3960-SK4Labnet, BioPette, A, Starter Kit, containing 4 Pipettors470.00 €1 EADetails