Aflatoxin Albumin Adduct _Aft-Hsa_ELISA

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Catalog number:BRTH0097
Name:Aflatoxin Albumin Adduct _Aft-Hsa_ELISA
Size:1 kit/96-wells plate
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Reacts with:Human
Antigen:Aflatoxin Albumin Adduct _Aft-Hsa_ELISA
Storage conditions:Gentaur/Genprice team of specialist recommend you to follow strickly the protocol for storage of the EIA kit for Human Aflatoxin Albumin Adduct _Aft-Hsa_ELISA .Prepare small work solutions from the standard reagents to avoid processes of freezing and thawing.
Tips:The product EIA kit for Human Aflatoxin Albumin Adduct _Aft-Hsa_ELISA is manufactured for research purposes only and it is not intented to be used for in vitro diagnostic procedures.

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