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E0664RaRat Vascuoar endothelial cell growth factor receptor 2,VEGFR-2/Flt1 ELISA kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0652RaRat Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide,VIP ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0171RaRat very late appearing antigen ,VLA ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0172RaRat very late appearing antigen 4,VLA4 ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0470RaRat Visceral adipose-specific serine protease inhibitor,vaspin ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0471RaRat visfatin ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0609RaRat Vitamin A,VA ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E1176RaRat Vitamin B,VB ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0610RaRat Vitamin B12,VB12 ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0611RaRat Vitamin B6,VB6 ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0612RaRat Vitamin C,VC ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0613RaRat Vitamin D,VD ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0616RaRat Vitamin D-binding protein,DBP ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0614RaRat Vitamin D2,VD2 ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0615RaRat Vitamin D3,VD3 ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0617RaRat Vitamin E,VE ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0618RaRat Vitamin K1,VK1 ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0675RaRat von Willebrand Factor cleaving protease,ADAMTS-13/vWF-cp ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0674RaRat von Willebrand Factor,vWF ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0083RaRat X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein,XIAP ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E1224RaRat Xaa-Pro Dipeptidase/Prolidase(PEPD)ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E1263RaRat Xanthine Oxidase(XOD)ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0783RaRat Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 15,ZC3H15 ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0908RaRat Zinc finger E-box-binding homeobox 1 ,ZEB1 ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0917RaRat Zinc finger matrin-type protein 3(ZMAT3)ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0849RaRat Zinc Ribbon Domain Containing Protein 1 (ZNRD1)ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0644RaRat Zn-Metallothionein,Zn-MT ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E1151RaRat α-Amylase,AMS/AMY ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0089RaRat α-Glucosidase,a-Glu ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0088RaRat α-glutathione S-transferases,α-GST ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0084RaRat α1-Acid glycoprotein,α1-AGP ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0085RaRat α1-microglobulin,α1-MG ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E1153RaRat β-catenin,β-cat ELISA Kit 720.60 €96TDetails
E0094RaRat β-Defensins,β-DF ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0495RaRat β-glucuronidase,βGD ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0101RaRat β-Thromboglobulin,β-TG ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0090RaRat β2-glycoprotein 1 antibody IgA/G/M,β2-GP1 IgA/G/M ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0035RaRat β2-microglobulin,BMG/β2-MG ELISA Kit720.60 €96TDetails
E0003SLSea Lion Cortisol(COR) ELISA Kit822.10 €96TDetails
E0002SLSea Lion Progesterone,PROG ELISA Kit822.10 €96TDetails
E0001SLSea Lion Testosterone,T ELISA Kit822.10 €96TDetails
E0003ShShark Cortisol(COR) ELISA Kit822.10 €96TDetails
E0002ShShark Progesterone,PROG ELISA Kit822.10 €96TDetails
E0001ShShark Testosterone,T ELISA Kit822.10 €96TDetails
E0072ShSheep 13,14-dihydro-15-keto-prostaglandin F2-alpha(PGFM)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0016ShSheep 17-Hydroxyprogesterone,17-OHP ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0000ShSheep 4-Hydroxynonenal,4HNE ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0017ShSheep adiponectin,ADP ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0025ShSheep Adrenocorticotropic hormone,ACTH ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0077ShSheep Albumin(Albumin)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0026ShSheep Alpha-1-macroglobulin,Alpha-1-M ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0046ShSheep Beta-carotene oxygenase 2(BCO2)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0065ShSheep Beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid(β-OHB)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0032ShSheep Biglycan (BGN)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0060ShSheep Brucella Antibody IgG(Brucella Ab IgG)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0010ShSheep Chitinase-3-like Protein 1(YKL-40/CHI3L1)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0058ShSheep cluster of differentiation 4(CD4)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0057ShSheep cluster of differentiation 8(CD8)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0034ShSheep Collagen Type Ⅱ,Col Ⅱ ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0003ShSheep Cortisol(COR) ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0055ShSheep Cystatin C(Cys-C)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0014ShSheep Dihydrotestosterone,DHT ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0068ShSheep Epidermal growth factor(EGF)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0047ShSheep Estradiol(E2)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0061ShSheep Estrogen (E) ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0043ShSheep ferritin(FE)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0074ShSheep Fibroblast Growth Factor 1(FGF1)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0012ShSheep Free Thyroxine,FT4 ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0011ShSheep Free Tri-iodothyronine Indes,Free-T3 ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0018ShSheep Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase 1,FBP1 ELISA kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0048Shsheep Ghrelin/obestatin prepropeptide(GHRL)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0040ShSheep Growth hormone(GH)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0021ShSheep Haptoglobin,Hpt/HP ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0008ShSheep Hemoglobin subunit beta(HBB) ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0067ShSheep Heparin-binding growth factor 1(HO-1)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0002ShSheep Immunoglobulin E,IgE ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0019ShSheep Immunoglobulin G,IgG ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0020ShSheep Immunoglobulin M,IgM ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0036ShSheep Insulin(INS)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0049ShSheep Interferon γ(IFN-γ)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0064ShSheep Interleukin 1(IL-1)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0053ShSheep Interleukin 10(IL-10)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0054ShSheep Interleukin 12(IL-12)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0030ShSheep Interleukin 1α,IL-1α ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0041ShSheep Interleukin 1β(IL-1β)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0029ShSheep Interleukin 2,IL-2 ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0052ShSheep Interleukin 5(IL-5)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0072ShSheep Interleukin 6(IL-6)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0073ShSheep Interleukin 8(IL-8)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0009ShSheep Islet amyloid polypeptide,IAPP ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0006ShSheep Japanese Encephalitis IgG(JEV IgG) ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0051ShSheep Kisspeptin 1(KISS-1) ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0027ShSheep Lactate Dehydrogenase,LDH ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0062ShSheep Leptin(LEP)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0004ShSheep lipid peroxide,LPO ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0042ShSheep luteotropic hormone(LH)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0039ShSheep Malondialchehyche(MDA)ELISA KIT764.10 €96TDetails
E0031ShSheep Matrix metalloproteinase 1,MMP-1 ELISA kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0005ShSheep myeloperoxidase,MPO ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails
E0059ShSheep neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin(NGAL)ELISA Kit764.10 €96TDetails