Immunofluorescence Labeling Kit (INF-1)

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Catalog number:INF-1
Name:Immunofluorescence Labeling Kit (INF-1)
Size:1 kit
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Extra details

CAS number:N/A
Storage recommendations:4°C
Shipping information:Shipped shortly. Delivery information at order time
Technical documentation:For Manual, Protocol or Datasheet please contact us.
Dangerous contents:0.1% Sodium Azide
Test:Immunofluorescence kits are used for light microscopy with a fluorescence microscope and is used primarily on microbiological samples. This technique uses the specificity of antibodies to their antigen to target fluorescent dyes to specific biomolecule targets within a cell, and therefore allows visualization of the distribution of the target molecule through the sample. Immunofluorescence is a widely used example of immunostaining and is a specific example of immunohistochemistry that makes use of fluorophores to visualize the location of the antibodies.

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