Lipoprotein (a)

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Catalog number:SC52A240
Name:Lipoprotein (a)
Size:R1:45ml×4 R2:30ml×2
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Volume of reagent in a kit:240ml
Test field of this automate:Blood Lipid Reagents
Insruments of IVD used for this reagent:for Hitachi (7170/917) series and Olympus AU (400/600/640/100/2700/5400) series and Abbott Aerost and Siemens Advia (1200/2400) series and Bayer 1650 ; B: Hitachi 7060/7150/902/911 and Abbott Aeroset (C8000/ C16000) and Shimadzu (CL7200/7300/8000) and Olympus AU800 and Tosshiba 120FR and Sysmex Chemix 180, H: Hitachi 7020/902, C: Beckman, F: Toshiba 40, W: Toshiba 120, D: Dimension ; N: Mindray 200 ; L: Mindray 300 ; M: Mindray 400, T: Dupont.
Abbreviation of the antigen:Lp(a)
Method used by the diagnostic instrument:Latex Enhanced Immunoturbidimetric

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