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11-bio-21051ACCUZYME DNA Polymerase250 Units208.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-21052ACCUZYME DNA Polymerase500 Units294.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-25028ACCUZYME Mix, 2x 500 Reactions425.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
543-A045-100MLAntibiotic-Antimycotic Solution 100X30.00 €1xDetails
532-ASV-1002Autobioluminescent pEF1a lux1288.00 €1 vialDetails
607-B7741BIO 5192 Integrin a4B1 inhibitor1300.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
323-WAK-zf-1Biocidal ZF 1 L103.00 €1 vialDetails
323-WAK-ZF-1Biocidal ZF 1 L137.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
323-WAK-ZF-6Biocidal ZF 6*1L328.00 €1xDetails
323-WAK-ZF-6Biocidal ZF 6*1L356.00 €1 vialDetails
323-WAK-ZF-6Biocidal ZF 6*1L397.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
186-L6115Biocoll d=1.07789.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
186-L6113Biocoll separating solution, density64.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
186-L6113Biocoll separating solution, density64.00 €1 vialDetails
186-F2270Biofreeze freezing medium63.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
154-BiolipiduresetBiolipidure-set, Set of 10 Biolipidure363.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
26-K312-500Bioluminescence Cytotoxicity Assay Kit220.00 €1xDetails
306-CLATOX-100-3Bioluminescence Cytotoxicity Assays791.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
306-CLATOX-100-3Bioluminescence Cytotoxicity Assays900.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-25006BioMix Red, 2x 500 Reactions247.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-25006BioMix Red, 2x 500 Reactions261.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-25006BioMix Red, 2x 500 Reactions311.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-25012BioMix, 2x500 Reactions313.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-25012BioMix, 2x500 Reactions313.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-21060BIOTAQ DNA Polymerase 2500 Units397.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-21060BIOTAQ DNA Polymerase 2500 Units410.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-21040BIOTAQ DNA Polymerase 500 Units142.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-21040BIOTAQ DNA Polymerase 500 Units163.00 €1 vialDetails
619-BTCK-MC0125Biotez Polystreptavidin R Coating Kit402.00 €1xDetails
520-GTX77597Biotin Anti-Protein A IGY464.00 €1 vialDetails
07-TM-10-10Biotin Coated Magnetic Particles163.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
07-TFP-7056-5Biotin Coated Particles/0.1% w/v, 5 mL,405.00 €1 vialDetails
235-BA-6301-5Biotin Conjugated Artocarpus270.00 €1 vialDetails
100-CPA-65BBiotin Conjugated Chicken anti-Protein A285.00 €1xDetails
100-CPA-65BBiotin Conjugated Chicken anti-Protein A319.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
100-CPA-65BBiotin Conjugated Chicken anti-Protein A356.00 €1 vialDetails
235-BA-7801-5Biotin Conjugated Maackia amurensis Lect225.00 €1 vialDetails
52-FVII11G42D8-BIOBiotin Labeled Anti Human Factor VII520.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
07-TP-30-5Biotin Polystyrene Particles, 0.5 % w/319.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
466-12PTB002-00500Biotinyl-Protoxin II1575.00 €1 vialDetails
235-BA-119-5Biotinylated Ferritin335.00 €1xDetails
03-4670-500-01Biotinylated NAD, 250 µM, 500 µl,295.00 €1xDetails
03-4670-500-01Biotinylated NAD, 250 µM, 500 µl,458.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
118-55R-1355Biovision kit see 26-K265-200383.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
611-MA200BioZol RBA313.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
409-B-1001-105ChromaLink Biotin DMF Soluble394.00 €1 vialDetails
409-B-1001-010ChromaLink Biotin Labeling Reagent498.00 €1 vialDetails
409-B-1007-105ChromaLink Biotin Labelling Reagent526.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-37075Co-Precipitant, Pink1.5ml122.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-37075Co-Precipitant, Pink1.5ml126.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-39029dNTP Mix, 100mM Final Conc. 200µmol, (4248.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-39029dNTP Mix, 100mM Final Conc. 200µmol, (4743.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-39028dNTP Mix, 100mM Final Conc. 50µmol, (1 x104.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-39053dNTP Mix, 10mM Final Conc. 100µmol, (10256.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-39026dNTP Set, 100mM 4 x 100µmol, (4 x 4 x 25438.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-39026dNTP Set, 100mM 4 x 100µmol, (4 x 4 x 25438.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-66025EPIK Amplification kit207.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-21051Genprice ACCUZYME DNA Polymerase250 Units200.00 €1Details
37-90113Genprice Aminooxy-biotin 5mg313.00 €1Details
109-IC100-0210Genprice Animal Biologicals: Red Blood Cells350.00 €1Details
154-65-021Genprice anti-HIV-1 Gag p24 antibody, biotin-conj395.00 €1Details
100-RSVD-65AGenprice anti-Streptavidin Unconjugated A.P.225.00 €1Details
130-2017-006Genprice Antibiotic Assay Discs, 6mm 1000/pk160.00 €1Details
203-02892-54Genprice antibiotic-antimyocotic mixed stock41.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21050Genprice BIO-X-ACT Long DNA Polymerase 500 Units225.00 €1Details
11-BIO-25024Genprice BIO-X-ACT Long Mix, 2x500 Reactions558.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21065Genprice BIO-X-ACT Short DNA Polymerase 500 Units225.00 €1Details
11-BIO-25026Genprice BIO-X-ACT Short Mix, 2x 500 Reactions494.00 €1Details
323-WAK-ZF-1Genprice Biocidal ZF 1 L78.00 €1Details
186-L6155Genprice Biocoll d=1,110205.00 €1Details
186-L6115Genprice Biocoll d=1.07774.00 €1Details
186-L-6113Genprice Biocoll separating solution 100ml64.00 €1Details
186-L6113Genprice Biocoll separating solution, density93.00 €1Details
469-70001Genprice Biocooler 48138.00 €1Details
154-BiolipiduresetGenprice Biolipidure-set, Set of 10 Biolipidure250.00 €1Details
306-CLATOX-100-3Genprice Bioluminescence Cytotoxicity Assays741.00 €1Details
11-BIO-25005Genprice BioMix Red, 2x 100 Reactions50.00 €1Details
11-BIO-25006Genprice BioMix Red, 2x 500 Reactions208.00 €1Details
11-BIO-25012Genprice BioMix, 2x500 Reactions310.00 €1Details
54-P4608-10AGenprice BioPette Autoclavable 8-channel565.00 €1Details
54-P4608-200AGenprice BioPette Autoclavable 8-channel565.00 €1Details
54-P4608-50AGenprice BioPette Autoclavable 8-channel565.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21060Genprice BIOTAQ DNA Polymerase 2500 Units396.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21040Genprice BIOTAQ DNA Polymerase 500 Units130.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21041Genprice BIOTAQ Red DNA Polymerase 500 Units169.00 €1Details
07-TPX-60-5Genprice Biotin Coated Polystyrene Particles, Cro366.00 €1Details
235-BA-5101-1Genprice Biotin Conj Limax flavus Lectin (Garden375.00 €1Details
235-BA-2101-2Genprice Biotin Conj.Triticum vulgare Lectin(Whea150.00 €1Details
235-BA-1104-5Genprice Biotin Conjugated Canavalia ensiformis75.00 €1Details
100-CPA-65BGenprice Biotin Conjugated Chicken anti-Protein A319.00 €1Details
235-BA-2402-2Genprice Biotin Conjugated Griffonia88.00 €1Details
235-BA-1601-2Genprice Biotin Conjugated Lotus tetragonolobus L113.00 €1Details
235-BA-9006-1Genprice Biotin Conjugated Polyporus squamosus563.00 €1Details
235-BA-2102-2Genprice Biotin Conjugated Succinyl Triticum vulg144.00 €1Details
516-60/01HbGenprice Biotin-HSA 0.5mg293.00 €1Details
26-1121-20CGenprice Biotin-IETD-FMK -20 µl-413.00 €1Details
37-00017Genprice Biotin-XX-a-Bungarotoxin275.00 €1Details
03-4670-500-01Genprice Biotinylated NAD, 250 µM, 500 µl,475.00 €1Details
11-BIO-87026Genprice Carbenicillin Solution10ml @ 100mg/ml33.00 €1Details
11-BIO-85040Genprice CH3-Blue 1091ml (20 x 50µl)250.00 €1Details