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11-BIO-37075Genprice Co-Precipitant, Pink1.5ml79.00 €1Details
11-BIO-39036Genprice dATP, 100mM 25µmol, (1 x 250µl)56.00 €1Details
11-BIO-39038Genprice dCTP, 100mM 25µmol, (1 x 250µl)56.00 €1Details
11-BIO-39037Genprice dGTP, 100mM 25µmol, (1 x 250µl)56.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21061Genprice DISCONTINUED BIOTAQ Red DNA Polymerase 2756.00 €1Details
11-Bio-35028Genprice DNA Extraction Control 670, (Red Cap)466.00 €1Details
11-BIO-39029Genprice dNTP Mix, 100mM Final Conc. 200µmol, (4436.00 €1Details
11-BIO-39028Genprice dNTP Mix, 100mM Final Conc. 50µmol, (1 x65.00 €1Details
11-BIO-39044Genprice dNTP Mix, 10mM Final Conc. 10µmol, (1ml44.00 €1Details
11-BIO-39026Genprice dNTP Set, 100mM 4 x 100µmol, (4 x 4 x 25448.00 €1Details
11-BIO-39025Genprice dNTP Set, 100mM 4 x 25µmol, (4 x 250µl)134.00 €1Details
451-AS09611Genprice Donkey anti-sheep IgG (H&L) biotin225.00 €1Details
11-BIO-39039Genprice dTTP, 100mM 25µmol, (1 x 250µl)44.00 €1Details
11-BIO-39035Genprice dUTP, 100mM 25µmol, (1 x 250µl)111.00 €1Details
232-G434-500GGenprice Gellan Gum, Biotech Grade170.00 €1Details
118-43R-IG002BTGenprice Goat anti Monkey IgA (biotin), Conjugate525.00 €1Details
95-SYN-123-VGenprice Human Synovial Fluid (normal donors)869.00 €1Details
11-BIO-39046Genprice Hydroxymethylated dCTP, 100mM 25µmol, (1360.00 €1Details
11-BIO-33025Genprice HyperLadder I200 Lanes129.00 €1Details
11-BIO-33026Genprice HyperLadder I500 Lanes174.00 €1Details
11-BIO-33039Genprice HyperLadder II 200 Lanes174.00 €1Details
11-BIO-33040Genprice HyperLadder II 500 Lanes363.00 €1Details
11-BIO-33043Genprice HyperLadder III 200 Lanes153.00 €1Details
11-BIO-33029Genprice HyperLadder IV200 Lanes164.00 €1Details
11-BIO-33030Genprice HyperLadder IV500 Lanes395.00 €1Details
11-BIO-33032Genprice HyperLadder V 500 Lanes348.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21048Genprice IMMOLASE DNA Polymerase 5000 Units3281.00 €1Details
11-BIO-52038Genprice ISOLATE Fecal DNA Kit/473.00 €1Details
11-BIO-52033Genprice ISOLATE Genomic DNA Mini Kit/440.00 €1Details
37-80017Genprice L-2601 Lucifer Yellow Cadaverine Biotin-231.00 €1Details
263-704-0030Genprice Lightning-Link™ Biotin Labeling Kit220.00 €1Details
71-ADM03210Genprice Magnetics Adembeads, Streptavidin PLUS313.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21083Genprice MangoTaq DNA Polymerase1000 Units188.00 €1Details
37-92266Genprice Mix-n-Stain Biotin Antibody Labeling Kit144.00 €1Details
37-90064-1Genprice MTSEA biotin 50 mg250.00 €1Details
476-BS-010125-AAGGenprice Multi Bio 3D, Programmable Shaker418.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21115Genprice My Taq HS Red DNA Polymerase534.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21105Genprice MyTaq DNA Polymerase 500units144.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21106Genprice MyTaq DNA Polymerase, 2500 units467.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21112Genprice MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase 1000U521.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21113Genprice MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase 2500 Units1166.00 €1Details
11-bio-21111Genprice MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase 250U156.00 €1Details
11-BIO-25047Genprice MyTaq HS Red Mix, 2x193.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21110Genprice MyTaq Red DNA Polymerase880.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21108Genprice MyTaq Red DNA Polymerase 500 Units144.00 €1Details
11-bio-21109Genprice MyTaq Red DNA Polymerase, 2500 units516.00 €1Details
302-C3050TGenprice PH/EC METER BIO-ELECTRONIC KIT 120 VAC969.00 €1Details
214-F050HGenprice Protein A ELISA for human IgG ;Bioproces866.00 €1Details
498-BS-1542RBIOTINGenprice Rabbit Anti-CCR6_CD196 Polyclonal Antibo439.00 €1Details
498-BS-5698r-biotiGenprice Rabbit Anti-phospho-RAC1(Ser71) PaB509.00 €1Details
11-bio-82002Genprice SensiFast Probe Hi-ROX Kit133.00 €1Details
11-BIO-82005Genprice SensiFAST Probe Hi-ROX Kit300.00 €1Details
11-BIO-84005Genprice SensiFAST Probe Lo-ROX Kit456.00 €1Details
11-BIO-86002Genprice SensiFAST Probe No-Rox kit141.00 €1Details
11-BIO-86005Genprice SensiFAST Probe NO-ROX KIT320.00 €1Details
11-BIO-91002Genprice SensiMix II Probe Kit 250rxn409.00 €1Details
07-SVFP-0556-5Genprice Streptavidin Coated Fluorescent Nile Red125.00 €1Details
07-SVM-10-10Genprice Streptavidin Coated Magnetic Particles,339.00 €1Details
07-SVP-60-5Genprice Streptavidin Coated Polystyrene Particle221.00 €1Details
07-SVFP-1068-5Genprice Streptavidin Fluorescent Particles,169.00 €1Details
11-BIO-37047Genprice SureClean Plus1 x 5ml100.00 €1Details
94-4565Genprice Tissue-Tek Cryomold Biopsy 10x10x5mm (1244.00 €1Details
11-BIO-38032Genprice TRIsure 100ml194.00 €1Details
11-BIO-38033Genprice TRIsure 200ml333.00 €1Details
213-501905Genprice Uni-Core Biopsy Punches, 0.5mm ID, 1.0mm23.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21098Genprice Velocity DNA Polymerase250 Units259.00 €1Details
11-BIO-21099Genprice Velocity DNA Polymerase500 Units444.00 €1Details
11-BIO-37080Genprice Water, 18.2M? PCR Grade10 x 10ml93.00 €1Details
245-1281142Gentaur AC-5750 Bio-Collector 230V together with test4063.00 €1 volumeDetails
11-BIO-21051Gentaur ACCUZYME DNA Polymerase250 Units test200.00 €1 volumeDetails
11-BIO-25027Gentaur ACCUZYME Mix, 2x 100 React test119.00 €1 volumeDetails
11-BIO-25028Gentaur ACCUZYME Mix, 2x 500 Reactions test375.00 €1 volumeDetails
571-Bio.DeMGentaur Ananas PolyAvidin Nanoparticles Kit test288.00 €1 volumeDetails
100-RHIS-45BGentaur anti-6-HIS Biotin A.P. Rabbit, 1.0 mg test750.00 €1 volumeDetails
37-90073Gentaur ARP (N-(AMINOOXYACETYL)-N#-(D-BIOTINOYL) test225.00 €1 volumeDetails
11-BIO-21065Gentaur BIO-X-ACT Short DNA Polymerase 500 Units test320.00 €1 volumeDetails
11-BIO-25026Gentaur BIO-X-ACT Short Mix, 2x 500 Reactions test493.00 €1 volumeDetails
351-NWK-PCK01Gentaur Biocell™ Protein Carbonyl ELISA 96 Tests test500.00 €1 volumeDetails
323-WAK-ZF-12Gentaur Biocidal ZF (Disinfectant for cell cult test275.00 €1 volumeDetails
323-WAK-ZF-1Gentaur Biocidal ZF 1 L test89.00 €1 volumeDetails
323-WAK-ZF-6Gentaur Biocidal ZF 6*1L test1700.00 €1 volumeDetails
186-L-6115Gentaur Biocol Dichte 1,077 g/ml, isoton 500ml test88.00 €1 volumeDetails
186-L6115Gentaur Biocoll d=1.077 test78.00 €1 volumeDetails
186-L6113Gentaur Biocoll separating solution, density test64.00 €1 volumeDetails
306-CLATOX-100-3Gentaur Bioluminescence Cytotoxicity Assays test796.00 €1 volumeDetails
11-BIO-25006Gentaur BioMix Red, 2x 500 Reactions test206.00 €1 volumeDetails
11-BIO-25012Gentaur BioMix, 2x500 Reactions test304.00 €1 volumeDetails
54-P4608-300AGentaur BioPette Autoclavable 8-channel test181.00 €1 volumeDetails
213-504530Gentaur Biopsy punch 1.5mm OD test31.00 €1 volumeDetails
213-504531Gentaur Biopsy punch 2mm OD test31.00 €1 volumeDetails
11-BIO-21060Gentaur BIOTAQ DNA Polymerase 2500 Units test434.00 €1 volumeDetails
11-BIO-21040Gentaur BIOTAQ DNA Polymerase 500 Units test131.00 €1 volumeDetails
11-BIO-21041Gentaur BIOTAQ Red DNA Polymerase 500 Units test158.00 €1 volumeDetails
235-BA-2201-2Gentaur Biotin Conj.Ulex europ.Lectin (Gorse Fur test188.00 €1 volumeDetails
235-BA-7801-2Gentaur Biotin Conjug. Maackia amurensis Lectin test113.00 €1 volumeDetails
235-BA-8011-1Gentaur Biotin Conjugated Calystega sepiem test400.00 €1 volumeDetails
100-CPA-65BGentaur Biotin Conjugated Chicken anti-Protein A test319.00 €1 volumeDetails
235-BA-7401-2Gentaur Biotin Conjugated Galanthus nivalis test113.00 €1 volumeDetails
235-BA-3601-1Gentaur Biotin Conjugated Helix pomatia Lectin test241.00 €1 volumeDetails
235-BA-1401-2Gentaur Biotin Conjugated Lens culinaris Lectin test100.00 €1 volumeDetails