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11-BIO-25034MangoMix, 2x1000 Reactions355.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-25034MangoMix, 2x1000 Reactions444.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-25034MangoMix, 2x1000 Reactions480.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-21083MangoTaq DNA Polymerase1000 Units192.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-21083MangoTaq DNA Polymerase1000 Units200.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-21083MangoTaq DNA Polymerase1000 Units279.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-21082MangoTaq DNA Polymerase2000 Units343.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-21082MangoTaq DNA Polymerase2000 Units349.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
167-902Micro Easy Biochemistry Analyzer636.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
564-IB70041Molecular biology Grade agarose 250g206.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
564-IB70042Molecular biology Grade agarose 500g363.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
481-HBM-CD9B-100Monoclonal Anti-CD9 biotin conjugated368.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
544-MBS670031Mouse Anti-Human IFN-g BIOT376.00 €1 vialDetails
37-90066MTSEA Biotin-XX191.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-21115My Taq HS Red DNA Polymerase534.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-21107MyTaq DNA Polymerase 5000 Units642.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-21107MyTaq DNA Polymerase 5000 Units718.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-bio-21105MyTaq DNA Polymerase 500units126.00 €1xDetails
11-bio-21105MyTaq DNA Polymerase 500units144.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-bio-21105MyTaq DNA Polymerase 500units156.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-21106MyTaq DNA Polymerase, 2500 units223.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-21106MyTaq DNA Polymerase, 2500 units379.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-21106MyTaq DNA Polymerase, 2500 units448.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-21126MyTaq Extract-PCR kit92.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-21112MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase 1000U304.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-21112MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase 1000U411.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-bio-21111MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase 250U145.00 €1 vialDetails
11-bio-21111MyTaq HS DNA Polymerase 250U155.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-25046MyTaq HS Mix, 2x 1000 Reactions681.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-25045MyTaq HS Mix, 2x 200 reactions199.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-25047MyTaq HS Red Mix, 2x150.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-37111MyTaq reaction Buffer Colourless, 5x29.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-37111MyTaq reaction Buffer Colourless, 5x38.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-21110MyTaq Red DNA Polymerase675.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-21110MyTaq Red DNA Polymerase850.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-21110MyTaq Red DNA Polymerase934.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-21108MyTaq Red DNA Polymerase 500 Units104.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-bio-21108MyTaq Red DNA Polymerase 500 Units128.00 €1xDetails
11-bio-21108MyTaq Red DNA Polymerase 500 Units161.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-21109MyTaq Red DNA Polymerase, 2500 units455.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-bio-21109MyTaq Red DNA Polymerase, 2500 units480.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-25044MyTaq Red Mix, 1000x 50µl reactions578.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-25043MyTaq Red Mix, 2x 200 reactions133.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
02-NATGIP-BIONATrol GI Panel Controls1033.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
02-NATGIP-BIONATrol GI Panel Controls1103.00 €1xDetails
02-NATGIP-BIONATrol GI Panel Controls1215.00 €1 vialDetails
02-NATMEC-BIONatrol Meningitis-Encephalitis Controls495.00 €1xDetails
02-NATMEC-BIONatrol Meningitis-Encephalitis Controls511.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
02-NATMEC-BIONatrol Meningitis-Encephalitis Controls598.00 €1 vialDetails
02-NATMEP-BIONatrol Meningitis/Encephalitis Panel783.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
02-NATMEP-BIONatrol Meningitis/Encephalitis Panel959.00 €1 vialDetails
607-A8002-100MGNHS-Biotin111.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
607-A8004NHS-LC-Biotin, 100mg75.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
607-A8004NHS-LC-Biotin, 100mg75.00 €1 vialDetails
607-A8004-1GNHS-LC-Biotin, 1G519.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
607-A8006-100MGNHS-SS-Biotin109.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
151-PCR0STF-SA5/2PCR strips with 8 tubes - Streptavidin250.00 €1 vialDetails
607-F4001-5MGPhos-tag Biotin BTL-104420.00 €1 vialDetails
194-800-10pIMAGO-biotin HRP on Western Blot249.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
194-800-10pIMAGO-biotin HRP on Western Blot255.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-37037Proteinase K100mg116.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
494-0301-015-BIORabbit anti-(ZEBOV GP) pAb689.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
607-A3749-50MGRadezolidNovel oxazolldinone antibiotic863.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-25051Ranger Mix, 2x, 100 Reactions163.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-65028RiboSafe RNase Inhibitor10,000 Units267.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-65028RiboSafe RNase Inhibitor10,000 Units301.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-65028RiboSafe RNase Inhibitor10,000 Units345.00 €1 vialDetails
712-BIO K 343/2Rotavirus ELISA Kit (Ag)248.00 €1 vialDetails
712-BIO K 126/2Rotavirus ELISA Kit (Sero)356.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-65054SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit876.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-76001SensiFAST Probe205.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-77001SensiFAST Probe Hi-ROX One-STep218.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-86002SensiFAST Probe No-Rox kit150.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-86005SensiFAST Probe NO-ROX KIT265.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-96005SensiFAST SYBR & Fluorescein Kit236.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-96020SensiFAST SYBR & Fluorescein Kit,736.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-92002SensiFAST Sybr Hi-Rox Kit136.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-92020SensiFAST SYBR Hi-ROX Kit1065.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-73001SensiFast Sybr Hi-Rox One-Step205.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-73005SensiFAST SYBR HiRox562.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-73005SensiFAST SYBR HiRox703.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-94020SensiFAST SYBR Lo-ROX Kit, 2000 rxns1205.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-98002SensiFAST SYBR No-Rox kit176.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-94005SensiFAST SYBR No-Rox kit300.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-94005SensiFAST SYBR No-Rox kit326.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-98005SensiFast SYBR No-ROX Kit343.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-98020SensiFAST SYBR No-ROX Kit, 2000rxn1185.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-72001SensiFAST SYBR No-ROX One-Step Kit151.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-72001SensiFAST SYBR No-ROX One-Step Kit156.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-72001SensiFAST SYBR No-ROX One-Step Kit181.00 €1 vialDetails
11-BIO-72005Sensifast sybr no-tox one-step567.00 €1xDetails
11-BIO-72005Sensifast sybr no-tox one-step699.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
11-BIO-72005Sensifast sybr no-tox one-step703.00 €1 vialDetails
167-SS TouchSS Touch Biochemistry Analyzer + logo1218.00 €1 vialDetails
07-SVPAK-5067-5AStreptavidin Blue Particle Array Kit551.00 €1 vialDetails
151-MTW0STF2-SA5Streptavidin Coated 96 wells plates with14.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
07-SVFP-0556-5Streptavidin Coated Fluorescent Nile Red156.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
07-SVM-025-5HStreptavidin Coated Magnetic Particles,219.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
151-PCR0STF-SA5Streptavidin Coated PCR Tubes strips158.00 €1 kit or itemDetails
07-SVP-03-10Streptavidin Coated Polystyrene Particle220.00 €1 kit or itemDetails