Streptavidin Blue Array Particle Kit, 10 peaks, 1E6/mL, 5.0-5.9 um, 10x1 mL

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Catalog number:07-SVPAK-5067-10K
Name:Streptavidin Blue Array Particle Kit, 10 peaks, 1E6/mL, 5.0-5.9 um, 10x1 mL
Size:10x1 mL
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Nominal size:5.0-5.9 um
Description:The Coated Particles are manufactured by passive adsorption or covalent coupling (depends on the applications that will be performed). The avidin and biotin coated particles are prepared by covalent coupling. The antibody coated polystyrene particles are prepared using passive adsorption, but regarless of this their stability is guaranteed for several years.Our coated polystyrene particles may be used in a wide range of different applications. The polystyrene particles coated with protein A are used for binding to human, mouse and rabbit IGs in serum. Glutathione coated polystyrene particles are used to detect the GST fusion proteins by flow cytometry.
Flow cytometer type:These particles can be used for calibration with BD FACSes like FACSCalibur, FACSCanto, Beckman Coulter Flow Cytometer, Becton Dickinson FACScan, Becton Dickinson Flow Cytometers, Miltenyi cytometer, Millipore Flow Cytometers and Millipore Guava.
Technical datasheet:Contact us by phone or email to receive the datasheet or any other useful technical file
Additional description:More than 1 can be supplied by spherotech.
Properties:Blue has a wavelength of around 480 nm and will make your sample visible. If your sample is too concentrated you can dissolve it in water.
Conjugation:Blue Substrate

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