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4077Biopsy 6 Chamber Cassette Blue; 500/cs1.00 €4 x 250Details
4076Biopsy 6 Chamber Cassette Green; 500/cs1.00 €4 x 250Details
4074Biopsy 6 Chamber Cassette Grey; 500/cs1.00 €4 x 250Details
4067Biopsy 6 Chamber Cassette Torpedo Base Mold (product #4073-4077); 12/cs434.14 €1 x 12Details
4073Biopsy 6 Chamber Cassette White; 500/cs1.00 €4 x 250Details
4075Biopsy 6 Chamber Cassette Yellow; 500/cs1.00 €4 x 250Details
4087Biopsy/UniCassette Blue; 500/cs233.59 €1 x 500Details
4174Biopsy/UniCassette Green; 500/cs233.59 €1 x 500Details
4172Biopsy/UniCassette Grey; 500/cs233.59 €1 x 500Details
4090Biopsy/UniCassette Orange; 500/cs233.59 €1 x 500Details
4089Biopsy/UniCassette Pink; 500/cs233.59 €1 x 500Details
4045Biopsy/UniCassette Red; 500/cs233.59 €1 x 500Details
4086Biopsy/UniCassette White; 500/cs233.59 €1 x 500Details
4088Biopsy/UniCassette Yellow; 500/cs233.59 €1 x 500Details
4730CRYO 2000 Round Cryomold Biopsy; 100/cs157.06 €1 x 100Details
4565Cryomold Molds/Adapters for use with II M/C Biopsy 10x10x5 mm; 100/cs152.47 €1 x 100Details
4312Mesh Biopsy Cassettes Blue; 500/cs852.06 €2 x 250Details
4309Mesh Biopsy Cassettes Green; 500/cs852.06 €2 x 250Details
4313Mesh Biopsy Cassettes Grey; 500/cs852.06 €2 x 250Details
4307Mesh Biopsy Cassettes Pink; 500/cs852.06 €2 x 250Details
4314Mesh Biopsy Cassettes Red; 500/cs852.06 €2 x 250Details
4306Mesh Biopsy Cassettes White; 500/cs852.06 €2 x 250Details
4308Mesh Biopsy Cassettes Yellow; 500/cs852.06 €2 x 250Details
4223Mold Release Biopsy Bags (30x50 mm); 1000/cs1.00 €1 x 1000Details
4224Mold Release Biopsy Bags (45x65 mm); 500/cs787.77 €1 x 500Details
VO-9-3001Mold Release Metal Biopsy Insert85.11 €1 eachDetails
7019Paraform 13x13 Biopsy Sectionable Cassette; 500/cs785.45 €1 x 500Details
7057Paraform Biopsy 13x13 Base Mold; 12/cs187.54 €1 x 12Details
7045Paraform Biopsy Gel 10 x 50/cs215.08 €10 x 50Details
7020Paraform Biopsy Sectionable Cassette; 500/cs517.20 €1 x 500Details
7056Paraform Biopsy/Orientation Base Mold; 12/cs187.54 €1 x 12Details
7024Paraform Core Biopsy Sectionable Cassette; 500/cs785.45 €1 x 500Details
7023Paraform Shaved Biopsy Sectionable Cassette; 500/cs785.45 €1 x 500Details
4730Round Cryomold Biopsy; 100/cs157.06 €1 x 100Details
8087Stacked Biopsy/Uni Cassette Biopsy Blue; 400/cs117.26 €10 x 40Details
8174Stacked Biopsy/Uni Cassette Biopsy Green; 400/cs117.26 €10 x 40Details
8172Stacked Biopsy/Uni Cassette Biopsy Grey; 400/cs117.26 €10 x 40Details
8090Stacked Biopsy/Uni Cassette Biopsy Orange; 400/cs117.26 €10 x 40Details
8089Stacked Biopsy/Uni Cassette Biopsy Pink; 400/cs117.26 €10 x 40Details
8045Stacked Biopsy/Uni Cassette Biopsy Red; 400/cs117.26 €10 x 40Details
8086Stacked Biopsy/Uni Cassette Biopsy White; 400/cs117.26 €10 x 40Details
8088Stacked Biopsy/Uni Cassette Biopsy Yellow; 400/cs117.26 €10 x 40Details