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GWB-BCA2A0Rat VEGF antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-5C1A51Respiratory Syncytial Virus antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-BBA496Ribonuclease A antibody (biotin conjugated)440.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-AF23B9RT1-B antibody (biotin conjugated)532.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-91D4AFRT1a Class I antibody (biotin conjugated)532.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-4F2654S. aureus antibody (biotin conjugated)532.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-4540C0Salmonella antibody (biotin conjugated)440.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-BFEB7FSalmonella Group Antigen antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-886DE0SDF-1 alpha antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-AFC554SDF-1 B antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-AAF5BCSerum Albumin (ALB) Rabbit antibody to or anti-Human Polyclonal (biotin conjugated) antibody602.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-EED9F4Sheep CD45 antibody (biotin conjugated)781.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q01339Sheep GM-CSF antibody (biotin conjugated)781.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-6C96C9Sheep IgG (H/L) antibody (biotin conjugated)631.00 €1 tubeDetails
GWB-26DED0Shigella antibody (biotin conjugated)440.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-CBD860Staphylococcus Aureus antibody (biotin conjugated)683.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-EB254DStreptavidin573.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-EEDC61Streptavidin619.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-F0C7E5Streptavidin781.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-D780B7Streptavidin2623.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-2E7AA3Streptavidin antibody486.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-89B39CStreptavidin antibody532.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-10C4E4Streptavidin antibody532.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-54AD5FStreptavidin antibody532.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-BB1882Streptavidin antibody562.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-77D12FStreptavidin antibody562.00 €1 tubeDetails
GWB-544743Streptavidin antibody (FITC conjugated)440.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-2902C4Streptavidin antibody (HRP)417.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-FDB349Streptavidin antibody (TxRd)532.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00241STREPTAVIDIN Reagent614.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-6CD1FBStreptavidin, antibody417.00 €1 tubeDetails
GWB-89F1FAStreptavidin, antibody845.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-BF0A64Streptavidin, antibody845.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-C1FA20Streptavidin, antibody845.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00333STREPTAVIDIN: DyLight405 Reagent296.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00335STREPTAVIDIN: FITC conjugated Reagent631.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00340STREPTAVIDIN: RPE-Cy5.5 Reagent816.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00339STREPTAVIDIN: RPE-Cy5.5 Reagent1261.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00342STREPTAVIDIN: RPE-Cy7 Reagent781.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00341STREPTAVIDIN: RPE-Cy7 Reagent1163.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00343STREPTAVIDIN: Texas Red Reagent701.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00242STREPTAVIDIN:Alk. Phos. Reagent631.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00197STREPTAVIDIN:Alk. Phos. Reagent763.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00332STREPTAVIDIN:APC Reagent400.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q01614STREPTAVIDIN:FITC conjugated Reagent400.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00198STREPTAVIDIN:HRP Reagent400.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00243STREPTAVIDIN:HRP Reagent614.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00336STREPTAVIDIN:RPE Reagent400.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00337STREPTAVIDIN:RPE Reagent585.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00338STREPTAVIDIN:RPE-Cy5 Reagent550.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q01615STREPTAVIDIN:TRITC Reagent602.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-C9137AStreptokinase antibody (biotin conjugated)602.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-BF3496T cell (pan) Rat -biotin conjugated, antibody1261.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-4E2FC0Tau antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-E48252TCR alpha + B antibody (biotin conjugated)394.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-D5896DTCR alpha + B antibody (biotin conjugated)486.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-BE58D3TCR gamma + delta antibody (biotin conjugated)532.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-D9AD18TCR V B II antibody (biotin conjugated)394.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-9AE8B7TGF alpha antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-20D60FTLR1 antibody (biotin conjugated)648.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-A1071FTLR4 antibody (biotin conjugated)486.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-359BCFTLR4 antibody (biotin conjugated)532.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-2E44E4TLR4 antibody (biotin conjugated)532.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-74796CTNF alpha antibody (biotin conjugated)532.00 €1 tubeDetails
GWB-CE0C5DTNF alpha antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-FADE36Toxoplasma gondii antibody (biotin conjugated)440.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-79DC90Toxoplasma Gondii antibody (biotin conjugated)717.00 €1 tubeDetails
GWB-Q00591TRANSFERRIN antibody (biotin conjugated)383.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-199158Transferrin antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-99BB6FTREM-1 antibody (biotin conjugated)301.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-E4BAD4Treponema pallidum antibody (biotin conjugated)648.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-2F661ETroponin I (Cardiac) -biotin conjugated, antibody1526.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-DBC06FTroponin I (skeletal muscle)-biotin conjugated, antibody971.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-4D4E35Trypsinogen antibody (biotin conjugated)440.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-388F44V5-TAG antibody (biotin conjugated)568.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-E78AB0Vaccinia virus antibody (biotin conjugated)440.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-9DF51FVascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), Human -biotin conjugated602.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-812B0EVascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), Human -biotin conjugated845.00 €1 volumeDetails
GWB-F2F695VCAM1 antibody (biotin conjugated)648.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-F818CBVEGF antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-2BAA60VEGF Receptor 2 antibody (biotin conjugated)532.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-EC9627Vimentin -biotin conjugated, antibody1030.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-F5A9D7VSV-G TAG antibody (biotin conjugated)383.00 €1 vialDetails