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GWB-CBA2ACp53 (aa20-25) antibody (biotin conjugated)585.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-ECBE4EPAI-1 antibody (biotin conjugated)733.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-44374BPapain antibody (biotin conjugated)394.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-F7E255Parainfluenza virus type 1 antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-6A9819PCNA Ab-1 -biotin conjugated, antibody971.00 €1 tubeDetails
GWB-65A19EPenicillinase antibody (biotin conjugated)440.00 €1 tubeDetails
GWB-6E83D7Perlecan-biotin conjugated, antibody1168.00 €1 tubeDetails
GWB-MQ437EPEX11A antibody521.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-MQ438FPEX11A antibody521.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-76FB55Phosphoserine antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 tubeDetails
GWB-19B769Phosphothreonine antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-3A7D6APig CD31 antibody (biotin conjugated)781.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00072Pig IgA antibody (biotin conjugated)602.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00074Pig IgG (Fc) antibody (biotin conjugated)602.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00076Pig IgM antibody (biotin conjugated)602.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q01227Pig Interleukin-18 antibody (biotin conjugated)1001.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-MQ685APIGT antibody521.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-MQ684IPIGT antibody521.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-E3D764Plasminogen antibody (biotin conjugated)440.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-MT597CPLDN antibody521.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-MT596BPLDN antibody521.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-F41633PLDN Over-expression Lysate reagent463.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-B31F12PLGF antibody (biotin conjugated)733.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-817FCAPoliovirus 37623 antibody (biotin conjugated)747.00 €1 volumeDetails
GWB-BDFD58Prion -biotin conjugated, antibody1168.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-99CE5CProhibitin (Mitochondrial Marker) -biotin conjugated, antibody1110.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-6B0C2BRabbit antibody to or anti-Goat IgG Fc - Affinity purified, biotin conjugated Conjugate, min x w/human serum proteins308.00 €1 tubeDetails
GWB-Q01254Rabbit GAPDH antibody (biotin conjugated)568.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q00080Rabbit IgG (Fc) antibody (biotin conjugated)585.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-37D146Rabbit IgG (H/L) antibody (human/rat/mouse adsorbed) (biotin conjugated)585.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-BE7A12Rabbit IgG antibody (biotin conjugated)1035.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-DFB293Rabbit IgG/IgM antibody (biotin conjugated)568.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-BF3C82RANTES antibody (biotin conjugated)591.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-5AA027RANTES antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-A14C60Rat CD11b antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-FD2F81Rat CD122 antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-36B1A3Rat CD134 antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-D8F393Rat CD152 antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-6F205ERat CD161 antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 tubeDetails
GWB-Q01271Rat CD163 antibody (biotin conjugated)781.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-9A322BRat CD172a antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q01282Rat CD1d antibody (biotin conjugated)232.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q01280Rat CD1d antibody (biotin conjugated)232.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q01281Rat CD1d antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q01279Rat CD1d antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-77D371Rat CD2 antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 tubeDetails
GWB-93B48CRat CD200 Receptor 1 antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-B6C9B1Rat CD25 antibody (biotin conjugated)403.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-B13811Rat CD3 antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-867482Rat CD31 antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-D2059BRat CD4 antibody (Domain 1) (biotin conjugated)403.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-AA06FFRat CD43 antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-363C83Rat CD45 antibody (biotin conjugated)403.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-7F450ARat CD45RC antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 volumeDetails
GWB-599228Rat CD47 antibody (biotin conjugated)516.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-CD7191Rat CD5 antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-91B816Rat CD54 antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-F6F3D6Rat CD6 antibody (biotin conjugated)403.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-Q01305Rat CD68 antibody (biotin conjugated)1001.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-42DB20Rat CD71 antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-C62E00Rat CD8 alpha antibody (biotin conjugated)403.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-FBFFE3Rat CD86 antibody (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-93F60ARat CD90 antibody (biotin conjugated)216.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-90AD38Rat CD90 antibody (biotin conjugated)267.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-47363ERat CD90 antibody (biotin conjugated)665.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-480200Rat CNTF antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-F5BF74Rat Ig (H/L) antibody (biotin conjugated)826.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-595C70Rat Iga Heavy Chain antibody (biotin conjugated)602.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-285F9FRat IgD antibody (biotin conjugated)735.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-51489DRat IgE antibody (biotin conjugated)602.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-C9FE28Rat IgG (H/L) antibody (biotin conjugated)452.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-2F65C8Rat IgG antibody (biotin conjugated)631.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-DCF2F4Rat IgG antibody (Mouse Adsorbed) (biotin conjugated)562.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-D434BCRat Igg1 Heavy Chain antibody (biotin conjugated)711.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-5F85F5RAT IgG1 NEGATIVE CONTROL:biotin conjugated309.00 €1 tubeDetails
GWB-34709ARAT IgG1 NEGATIVE CONTROL:biotin conjugated309.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-B4DD20Rat Igg2A Heavy Chain antibody (biotin conjugated)694.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-6D930ARAT IgG2a NEGATIVE CONTROL:biotin conjugated309.00 €1 tubeDetails
GWB-6622E0RAT IgG2a NEGATIVE CONTROL:biotin conjugated309.00 €1 tubeDetails
GWB-846D15Rat Igg2B Heavy Chain antibody (biotin conjugated)602.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-39CE15Rat Igg2B Heavy Chain antibody (biotin conjugated)724.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-975824RAT IgG2b NEGATIVE CONTROL:biotin conjugated320.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-8403BBRat IgM antibody (biotin conjugated)631.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-E6A1F3Rat Igm Heavy Chain antibody (biotin conjugated)701.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-1E4301Rat Interferon gamma antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-9AFDC3Rat Interleukin-1 alpha antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-30B6A2Rat Interleukin-1 B antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-1EC08BRat Interleukin-10 antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-2B374BRat Interleukin-2 antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-CA6290Rat Interleukin-4 antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-8787DERat Interleukin-6 antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-1926C8Rat MHC Class I antibody (RT1A) (biotin conjugated)417.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-84FF88Rat MHC Class II antibody (RT1B) (biotin conjugated)301.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-8DB1F6Rat MHC Class II antibody (RT1Bu/l) (biotin conjugated)370.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-2B5D05Rat MHC Class II RT1B antibody (biotin conjugated)403.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-575B44Rat MIP-1 alpha antibody (biotin conjugated)781.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-F7DBFFRat OX-62 antibody (biotin conjugated)1064.00 €1 vialDetails
GWB-26E136Rat RANTES antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-2EF868Rat TCR alpha/B antibody (biotin conjugated)403.00 €1 x 1 vialDetails
GWB-C73B01Rat TNF alpha antibody (biotin conjugated)763.00 €1 vialDetails