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CAC07779PC Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC07779PC Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04242PCBP1 (aa223-234) Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04243PCBP1 (aa234-247) Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04244PCBP3 (aa14-28) Polyclonal Antibody313.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04245PCBP4 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAC08007PCCA Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC08007PCCA Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04246PCDH11Y/PCDH11X Polyclonal Antibody313.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04247PCDH17 (aa1098-111) Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04254PCNA (aa111-122) Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04255PCNA, Biotinylated Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04257PCOLCE Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE03881PCQAP/MED15 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04259PCSK5 Polyclonal Antibody313.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04261PCSK6 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04264PCSK9 (aa164-175) Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAC07144PDCD1 Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC07144PDCD1 Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04265PDCD1 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04266PDCD4 (aa210-221) Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAC07530PDCD6 Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC07530PDCD6 Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04273PDE4D3 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04274PDE5A Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAC07462PDE6D Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC07462PDE6D Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAC08107PDGFRA Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC08107PDGFRA Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAC07369PDGFRB Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC07369PDGFRB Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04280PDIA3/ERp57/GRP58 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAC07393PDIA5 Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC07393PDIA5 Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04281PDK1 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04283PDLIM2 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04284PDLIM4/RIL Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04285PDPN Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04286PDXP Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU21363PDZ And LIM Domain Protein 1 (PDLIM1) Polyclonal Antibody184.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU21363PDZ And LIM Domain Protein 1 (PDLIM1) Polyclonal Antibody361.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU21363PDZ And LIM Domain Protein 1 (PDLIM1) Polyclonal Antibody495.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU21363PDZ And LIM Domain Protein 1 (PDLIM1) Polyclonal Antibody762.00 €200 μgDetails
CAC07753PDZRN3 Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC07753PDZRN3 Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04289PEBP1 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04288PEBP1/RKIP (Internal) Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04290PEBP1/RKIP (Internal), Biotinylated Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04291PEBP4 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAC07879PECAM1 Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAE04256Pecanex homolog Polyclonal Antibody313.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04292Peg12/Frat3 (mouse) Polyclonal Antibody313.00 €100 μgDetails
CAC08108PEMT Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC08108PEMT Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU21570Pentraxin 3, Long (PTX3) Polyclonal Antibody171.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU21569Pentraxin 3, Long (PTX3) Polyclonal Antibody174.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU21568Pentraxin 3, Long (PTX3) Polyclonal Antibody182.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU21570Pentraxin 3, Long (PTX3) Polyclonal Antibody333.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU21569Pentraxin 3, Long (PTX3) Polyclonal Antibody340.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU21568Pentraxin 3, Long (PTX3) Polyclonal Antibody357.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU21570Pentraxin 3, Long (PTX3) Polyclonal Antibody453.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU21569Pentraxin 3, Long (PTX3) Polyclonal Antibody465.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU21568Pentraxin 3, Long (PTX3) Polyclonal Antibody488.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU21570Pentraxin 3, Long (PTX3) Polyclonal Antibody696.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU21569Pentraxin 3, Long (PTX3) Polyclonal Antibody714.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU21568Pentraxin 3, Long (PTX3) Polyclonal Antibody750.00 €200 μgDetails
CAC07880PEPD Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC07880PEPD Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE04357PEPP3/PLEKHA6 Polyclonal Antibody313.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU27483Pepsin (PP) Polyclonal Antibody159.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU27483Pepsin (PP) Polyclonal Antibody304.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU27483Pepsin (PP) Polyclonal Antibody414.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU27483Pepsin (PP) Polyclonal Antibody633.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU28421Pepsinogen A (PGA) Polyclonal Antibody155.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU28422Pepsinogen A (PGA) Polyclonal Antibody159.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU28421Pepsinogen A (PGA) Polyclonal Antibody296.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU28422Pepsinogen A (PGA) Polyclonal Antibody304.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU28421Pepsinogen A (PGA) Polyclonal Antibody400.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU28422Pepsinogen A (PGA) Polyclonal Antibody414.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU28421Pepsinogen A (PGA) Polyclonal Antibody611.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU28422Pepsinogen A (PGA) Polyclonal Antibody633.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU28420Pepsinogen C (PGC) Polyclonal Antibody159.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU28419Pepsinogen C (PGC) Polyclonal Antibody162.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU28418Pepsinogen C (PGC) Polyclonal Antibody169.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU28420Pepsinogen C (PGC) Polyclonal Antibody304.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU28419Pepsinogen C (PGC) Polyclonal Antibody311.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU28418Pepsinogen C (PGC) Polyclonal Antibody326.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU28420Pepsinogen C (PGC) Polyclonal Antibody414.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU28419Pepsinogen C (PGC) Polyclonal Antibody423.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU28418Pepsinogen C (PGC) Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU28420Pepsinogen C (PGC) Polyclonal Antibody633.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU28419Pepsinogen C (PGC) Polyclonal Antibody648.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU28418Pepsinogen C (PGC) Polyclonal Antibody681.00 €200 μgDetails
CAE04829PEPT2 Polyclonal Antibody313.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU21362Peptidase D (PEPD) Polyclonal Antibody184.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU21362Peptidase D (PEPD) Polyclonal Antibody361.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU21362Peptidase D (PEPD) Polyclonal Antibody495.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU21362Peptidase D (PEPD) Polyclonal Antibody762.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU21110Peptidase Inhibitor 16 (PI16) Polyclonal Antibody184.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU21109Peptidase Inhibitor 16 (PI16) Polyclonal Antibody187.00 €10 μgDetails