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CAU28283Urocortin 1 (UCN1) Polyclonal Antibody681.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU24090Urocortin 2 (UCN2) Polyclonal Antibody182.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU24090Urocortin 2 (UCN2) Polyclonal Antibody357.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU24091Urocortin 2 (UCN2) Polyclonal Antibody465.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU24090Urocortin 2 (UCN2) Polyclonal Antibody488.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05315Urocortin 3 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05337UROD Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05326Uromodulin (aa525-536) Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU22127Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody171.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU22126Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody174.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU22125Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody182.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU22128Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody188.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU22127Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody333.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU22126Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody340.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU22125Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody357.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU22128Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody373.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU22127Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody453.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU22126Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody465.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU22125Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody488.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU22128Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody511.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU22127Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody696.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU22126Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody714.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU22125Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody750.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU22128Uromodulin (UMOD) Polyclonal Antibody787.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU21201Uromodulin Like Protein 1 (UMODL1) Polyclonal Antibody187.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU21201Uromodulin Like Protein 1 (UMODL1) Polyclonal Antibody370.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU21201Uromodulin Like Protein 1 (UMODL1) Polyclonal Antibody507.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU21201Uromodulin Like Protein 1 (UMODL1) Polyclonal Antibody781.00 €200 μgDetails
CAE05325Uromodulin Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU24084Uroplakin 1A (UPK1A) Polyclonal Antibody171.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU24083Uroplakin 1A (UPK1A) Polyclonal Antibody174.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU24084Uroplakin 1A (UPK1A) Polyclonal Antibody333.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU24083Uroplakin 1A (UPK1A) Polyclonal Antibody340.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU24084Uroplakin 1A (UPK1A) Polyclonal Antibody453.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU24083Uroplakin 1A (UPK1A) Polyclonal Antibody465.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU24084Uroplakin 1A (UPK1A) Polyclonal Antibody696.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU24083Uroplakin 1A (UPK1A) Polyclonal Antibody714.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU22445Uroplakin 2 (UPK2) Polyclonal Antibody183.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU22445Uroplakin 2 (UPK2) Polyclonal Antibody360.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU22445Uroplakin 2 (UPK2) Polyclonal Antibody493.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU22445Uroplakin 2 (UPK2) Polyclonal Antibody758.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU22447Uroplakin 3A (UPK3A) Polyclonal Antibody171.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU22446Uroplakin 3A (UPK3A) Polyclonal Antibody182.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU22447Uroplakin 3A (UPK3A) Polyclonal Antibody333.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU22446Uroplakin 3A (UPK3A) Polyclonal Antibody357.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU22447Uroplakin 3A (UPK3A) Polyclonal Antibody453.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU22446Uroplakin 3A (UPK3A) Polyclonal Antibody488.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU22447Uroplakin 3A (UPK3A) Polyclonal Antibody696.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU22446Uroplakin 3A (UPK3A) Polyclonal Antibody750.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU22228Uroporphyrinogen Decarboxylase (UROD) Polyclonal Antibody182.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU22228Uroporphyrinogen Decarboxylase (UROD) Polyclonal Antibody357.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU22228Uroporphyrinogen Decarboxylase (UROD) Polyclonal Antibody488.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU22228Uroporphyrinogen Decarboxylase (UROD) Polyclonal Antibody750.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU28055Urotensin 2 (UST2) Polyclonal Antibody159.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU28055Urotensin 2 (UST2) Polyclonal Antibody304.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU28055Urotensin 2 (UST2) Polyclonal Antibody414.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU28055Urotensin 2 (UST2) Polyclonal Antibody633.00 €200 μgDetails
CAE03117URP2/kindlin-3 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAC08154USE1 Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC08154USE1 Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05338USH1C/Harmonin Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05340USP11/UHX1 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAC07270USP14 Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC07270USP14 Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05341USP15 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05342USP16 Polyclonal Antibody313.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05343USP16/UBP-M Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAC08089USP18 Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAE05344USP19 Polyclonal Antibody313.00 €100 μgDetails
CAC07591USP2 Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC07591USP2 Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05345USP20/VDU2 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05346USP21 Polyclonal Antibody313.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05347USP28 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAC07087USP30 Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC07087USP30 Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05348USP4/UNP Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05349USP43 Polyclonal Antibody313.00 €100 μgDetails
CAC07377USP5 Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC07377USP5 Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05351USP6 (aa142-155) Polyclonal Antibody313.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU21395USP6 N-Terminal Like Protein (USP6NL) Polyclonal Antibody184.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU21395USP6 N-Terminal Like Protein (USP6NL) Polyclonal Antibody361.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU21395USP6 N-Terminal Like Protein (USP6NL) Polyclonal Antibody495.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU21395USP6 N-Terminal Like Protein (USP6NL) Polyclonal Antibody762.00 €200 μgDetails
CAC07898USP6 Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC07898USP6 Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05350USP6/TRE2/TRE17 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05352UTF1 Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU22354Utrophin (UTRN) Polyclonal Antibody171.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU22354Utrophin (UTRN) Polyclonal Antibody333.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU22354Utrophin (UTRN) Polyclonal Antibody453.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU22354Utrophin (UTRN) Polyclonal Antibody696.00 €200 μgDetails
CAU21392Uveal Autoantigen With Coiled Coil Domains And Ankyrin Repeats (UACA) Polyclonal Antibody184.00 €10 μgDetails
CAU21392Uveal Autoantigen With Coiled Coil Domains And Ankyrin Repeats (UACA) Polyclonal Antibody361.00 €50 μgDetails
CAU21392Uveal Autoantigen With Coiled Coil Domains And Ankyrin Repeats (UACA) Polyclonal Antibody495.00 €100 μgDetails
CAU21392Uveal Autoantigen With Coiled Coil Domains And Ankyrin Repeats (UACA) Polyclonal Antibody762.00 €200 μgDetails
CAC07197UVRAG Polyclonal Antibody245.00 €50 μgDetails
CAC07197UVRAG Polyclonal Antibody401.00 €100 μgDetails
CAE05353UXT Polyclonal Antibody445.00 €100 μgDetails