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DAIgY-Banti-Chicken IgY (Biotin), donkey polyclonal secondairy antibody181.00 €500 ugDetails
DAIgYFab-Banti-Chicken IgY Fab (Biotin), donkey polyclonal secondairy antibody207.00 €500 ugDetails
DAIgYFc-Banti-Chicken IgY Fc (Biotin), donkey polyclonal secondairy antibody201.80 €500 ugDetails
ABaLFA-Bchicken polyclonal anti-Bacillus anthracis Lethal Factor A (Biotin) microbial protein antibody378.60 €100 ugDetails
ABIG-Bchicken polyclonal anti-Bovine IgG (H/L) (Biotin) mammalian protein antibody170.60 €500 ugDetails
ABSA-Bchicken polyclonal anti-Bovine Serum Albumin (Biotin) mammalian protein antibody165.40 €500 ugDetails
ACerIG-Bchicken polyclonal anti-Cervid IgG (H/L) (Biotin) mammalian protein antibody201.80 €500 ugDetails
ACMYC-Bchicken polyclonal anti-CMYC (EQKLISEEDL) (Biotin) epitope tag antibody279.80 €100 ugDetails
ADIG-Bchicken polyclonal anti-Dog IgG (Biotin) mammalian protein antibody181.00 €500 ugDetails
AE-Tag-Bchicken polyclonal anti-E-Tag (GAPVPYPDPLEPR) (Biotin) epitope tag antibody285.00 €100 ugDetails
AKLH-Bchicken polyclonal anti-Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH) (Biotin) protein antibody170.60 €500 ugDetails
AMIG-Bchicken polyclonal anti-Mouse IgG (Biotin) mammalian protein antibody170.60 €500 ugDetails
AMIGFc-Bchicken polyclonal anti-Mouse IgG Fc (Biotin) mammalian protein antibody207.00 €500 ugDetails
APA-Bchicken polyclonal anti-Protein A (Biotin) antibody201.80 €500 ugDetails
APL-Bchicken polyclonal anti-Protein L (Biotin) antibody253.80 €500 ugDetails
ARIG-Bchicken polyclonal anti-Rabbit IgG (Biotin) mammalian protein antibody181.00 €500 ugDetails
ASIG-Bchicken polyclonal anti-Sheep IgG H/L) (Biotin) mammalian protein antibody170.60 €500 ugDetails
AHHg-Bchicken yolk anti-Human Hemoglobin (Biotin) polyclonal IgY antibody181.00 €500 ugDetails
AHIgG-Bchicken yolk anti-Human IgG (Biotin) polyclonal IgY antibody175.80 €500 ugDetails
AHIgGFab-Bchicken yolk anti-Human IgG (Fab)2 (Biotin) polyclonal IgY antibody227.80 €500 ugDetails
AHIgGFc-Bchicken yolk anti-Human IgG Fc (Biotin) polyclonal IgY antibody207.00 €500 ugDetails
AHIgM-Bchicken yolk anti-Human IgM (Biotin) polyclonal IgY antibody227.80 €500 ugDetails
AHLC-Bchicken yolk anti-Human Light Chains (Kappa and Lambda)(Biotin) polyclonal IgY antibody186.20 €500 ugDetails
AhOPNc-Bchicken yolk anti-Human Osteopontin c (Biotin) polyclonal IgY antibody425.40 €100 ugDetails
AHSA-Bchicken yolk anti-Human Serum Albumin (Biotin) polyclonal IgY antibody170.60 €500 ugDetails
AHTg-Bchicken yolk anti-Human Thyroglobulin (Biotin) polyclonal IgY antibody337.00 €500 ugDetails